End of the Year Community Awards: Best Gameplay of 2013

Posted December 17th, 2013 at 4:15 pm


The year-in-review process opened up yesterday with the start of the Community Awards. Kicking it off was the Best New Feature and today the category is Best Gameplay.

Since starting the Community Awards the three franchises nominated for the honor of Best Gameplay have remained the same. NBA 2K, MLB: The Show, and FIFA have established themselves as the finest in the sports gaming genre. NBA 2K11, FIFA 12, and NBA 2K13 have taken home the honors. This year it’s NBA 2K14, MLB 13: The Show, and FIFA 14 in what will likely shake out to be one of the most competitive categories of the season.

Winners will be revealed all at once in early January. Continue on to read over the three eligible standout titles in gameplay from the array of sports games this year, vote in the poll, and leave any additional thoughts in the comments! 

NBA 2K14
The controls were changed up for the third straight year and the number of animations and signature styles expanded. Notable improvements were made to passing, blocking, and AI. On next-gen Eco-Motion made the foot-planting more prevalent and the ball being loose felt naturally dynamic without going overboard on deflections and turnovers.

MLB 13: The Show
The punishing nature of The Show was finally eased off with the expansion of the hitting timing window. No longer unforgiving at the plate the overall balance and variety in games increased. Scores were more realistic and producing runs through means other than home runs a more viable strategy. Changes making “Guess Pitch” less of a crutch were worthwhile, and the new throwing meter provided more involvement and control over events in the field. The Show has also been well known for providing as many options as possible in regards to aspects such as controls, difficulty levels, and camera angles.

Far from being subtle the changes made positively altered the gameplay experience. Improved ball physics, changes to how shots are approached, the better ability to hold onto possession, and greatly improved AI were immediately evident. On next-gen the AI was improved even more dramatically and accompanied by new shot types and more precise movement.

  • MoneyMayweather

    yeah the show wins.

  • lemol

    My vote here goes to FIFA

  • fantasyboi

    i think from here on ur gonna see The Show dominate all sport games….it seems to me that they take pride in their work more then anyone and literally want to crush everyone and want to improve on a yearly basis

    • Pacoheadley

      If only their Franchise mode wasn’t so terrible…
      But the gameplay is near perfect.

      • fantasyboi

        i do love the franchise mode personally but i would like to see the sales aspect back in the game or even stadium upgrades, etc….theres just so much more that can happen but i still love it

  • Keith.

    Haven’t played enough FIFA to judge its gameplay, but awfully hard to beat either The Show or NBA2k14. Another toss-up between those 2 for me.

  • Details

    Even though baseball is easier to develop than basketball & soccer, I still give it to MLB the Show. NBA 2K14 is great but there’s still too much foot sliding going on & rebounding is still suspect. FIFA is also great but I’m not into soccer. Can’t wait for MLB 14!

  • Brian

    FIFA and 2K have many things that still bug me to this day. But The Show is near perfect. The only thing that bugs me is that pitchers don’t pitch around guys with the exception of the rare IBB. Also, I still feel to this day the BB is a huge momentum pusher. When I draw walks in innings, I feel like I’m more able to put up big innings, as compared to lead-off singles. And when I pitch around Miguel Cabrera, why does my confidence that the same hit as if I missed my location to a hitter in the 8 spot? Why am I pentialized was purposely throwing out of the strike zone. I wish confidence was more about the ability to locate sucessfully, and independent of the strike zone.

  • Greg

    What? No Madden 25 or NBA Live 14? Awww, that’s not fair!