NFL Season Ticket Holders Getting Exclusive Madden Ultimate Team Cards

Posted December 18th, 2013 at 10:45 am


In an email sent out yesterday to NFL season ticket holders (not EA’s Season Ticket program) instructions were provided on how to redeem an exclusive pack of Ultimate Team cards for Madden NFL 25. By sending in an email to the designated address, along with info such as the season ticket holder account number and gamertag, the card pack will then appear in 7-14 days in the “Unopened Packs” section of the mode.

The offering applies to any of the systems – the choice of Xbox One, PS4, 360, and PS3 is made in the email that is submitted – and includes three star players from the team of choice. While this is the only way to obtain the cards initially they may become available in the Auction House later as users post them for sale. It’s unclear how good the cards will be – often promotions such as pre-order incentives are for cards that are not highly rated enough to really matter – but still this is a neat promotion that also led me to the discovery that season ticket holders get free RedZone access on mobile devices and free NFL Game Rewind subscriptions.

  • Pelot

    Smart of EA and the NFL to do this kind of thing.

    • Adam Lathrom

      I don’t really see how this affects many season ticket holders. 95% of them probably don’t play Madden. This just seems more of a PR move than anything….and no I’m not Keith 🙂

  • MoneyMayweather

    teams don’t beat Payton teams twice in a season.

  • Adam Lathrom

    Okay, so they get an 80 rated player…who cares? I’ve played MUT for several years, bought several packs (some with cash) and have never gotten anything good. I think I’m officially done with MUT unless they include something that NHL does which awards players for playing other modes. But don’t go too far and include it in all game modes like NBA 2K did.

    I don’t understand during all the podcast and hangouts that you haven’t mentioned how well EA Canada has done with NHL. The series has to be up there with FIFA. Granted I haven’t played FIFA but the Ultimate team is done awesome where they have special packs very frequently, the price of the packs is reasonable and you earn credits playing other modes.

    Maybe I’m just bitter with Madden, but if NHL can offer so many modes of play and all of them being online, why can’t Madden implement them.

  • Sean

    UT is the biggest waste of time and disc space there is.

    • How so? I doubt EA and its investors, or all the people who love the mode, think so.