Online Troubles Escalate Following Latest NBA 2K14 Patch

Posted December 23rd, 2013 at 12:30 pm


It seemed things couldn’t get much worse for the next-gen version of NBA 2K14. The practically always-online nature, its damaging VC implementation, and crashes affecting many were already well publicized. Last week’s patch did little to improve the situation as many are still unable to play MyCareer or MyGM due to crashes. It also introduced a new bug in MyGM that prevents proposed contract details from being altered essentially wrecking free agency.

There are other areas of the game though such as online play that has also been adversely affected. Lag has worsened – so much so that scattered complaints before (fairly typical relating to online performance for any game) have amplified greatly with extensive discussion taking place on forums, through social media, and those directly contacting me about how online has become unplayable. Besides the lag, consumers have been unable to play friends on the Xbox One, something that was not rectified in the patch and continues to this day. The useless Online Leagues also were not helped in any fashion by the update.

2K Sports has remained quiet regarding all the various issues and have failed to even acknowledge the frustration they have caused consumers leading some to file complaints with the Better Business Bureau or contemplate class action lawsuits such as the one that EA now faces for the botched launch of Battlefield 4. It’s especially unfortunate that people have to resort to those means to try and reach a satisfying conclusion but that is where things stand right now.

  • crest-LV

    2K ignoring all the complaints so thanks for writing about this.

  • jr

    Can’t wait to see Keith defend this. Grabbing my bowl of popcorn

    • Keith.

      Nah — even I have my limits when it comes to responding to (yet another) hatchet-job article from Pasta — who, if you’ll notice, has never once said he’s personally experienced any crashing, online lag, etc.

      Bottom line, NBA2k14 is selling great (#1 selling next gen sports game, and #4 selling next gen game over all), it’s a huge hit with the critics (it recently won Spike’s Best Sports Game of the Year Award and is still one of the highest scoring next gen games on Metacritic), and it’s a big hit with the fans (4 star average customer review on Amazon, which is higher than Madden, FIFA and Live).

      Pasta can write as many of these hatchet job articles as he wants — unlike NBA Live, this game’s not in any danger of being cancelled any time soon. In fact, the more of these types of articles he writes, the better the game seems to be selling! So keep it up, Pasta! Maybe tomorrow you can write another VC article and keep 2k14 in the “news” even longer…LOL

      • I will definitely be doing more on the VC.

        • Keith.

          Great! More chances for me to talk about MyPlayer, whose now rated an 89 overall without me spending a dime. By the time of your next article, MyPlayer oughtta be rated somewhere in the 90s (with $0 spent by me), which will further show just how foolish the whole VC complaint really is.

          • So you’re not actively playing MyGM or MyTeam huh? Exactly.

          • Skopin


        • Casor_Greener

          Pasta has really stepped up the moderating of comments that show him in an unflattering light…

      • Skopin

        So, if Pasta hasn’t personally experienced the issues he should not even acknowledge their existence like you, is that right?

        I love how any news that is negative in relation to 2k is a “hatchet job”. God forbid they could actually be having issues. No, not possible for the infallible 2k Sports.

  • Nathan Shane Long

    where are all the “2K fanboys” to defend this broken beyond repair patchfest?

    • kiss my ass

      No one ever defended the shit servers troll

      • Vinnete

        Keith would! Most likely by deflecting and talking about something EA or bringing up sales numbers.

        • Keith.

          I’ve played almost 20 games in The Park (great mode!) and have yet to experience any lag or have any dropped connections. Maybe you oughtta spring for a little faster internet connection there, champ.

          • Skopin

            Yea, champ. 2k’s servers are now and have always been flawless. The issue is that no one who plays online in NBA 2k has a good enough connection. It’s the user’s fault. Always has been.

          • Dagreat2nd

            Bruh stop with the bull I started playing 2k on dreamcast this right here is broken. I have minimum 10mbps internet and it’s and 2k is tripping and for you to say your not having any problems with this sluggish game your lying or your not playing which in tells your lying you liar.

          • Keith.

            What’s your PSN? Wanna play a game to show I have it, and to see how good/bad your lag is?

          • Skopin

            You have a PS4. Why not just upload a video?

          • Keith.

            I’ll go one better. Here it is, Christmas morning and I’m enjoying the absolutely fantastic Park mode right now — even earned 470 VC from winning a game, which I just blew on improving my 89 overall MyPlayer’s off-hand ball control. Want me to twitch my next game so you can see what a real next gen sports game looks like?

          • Skopin

            I would prefer you just upload it so I can watch it on my own time.

          • jader

            This dude is straight lying. The Park hasnt even worked today.

          • Demond Flemming

            I believe a lot of people have boo boo internet service that’s why they have issues.

          • CSaint

            So I’m guessing a shit load of people just need better connection?

  • ben

    the input lag has been horrible. like others have said completely unplayable. cant even make a jumpshot

  • Juukbox

    If 2k don’t get their act together, I could see ppl buying Live as an alternative in the upcoming months. That’s if the patching they do makes an improvement in gameplay. And that’s a big IF…

    • Iown You

      “I could see ppl buying Live as an alternative in the upcoming months.”

      It’s far more likely to see golden unicorns flying out of Beyonce’s ass.

      NBA 2K has a lot of problems right now, granted. But let’s not get crazy here.

      • Juukbox

        It’s not that far’fetched to think something like that wont occur if ppl can’t even get 2K14 to play. NBA Live is a bad game no question about it, but it is playable. The patching can improve the game. How much it can improve the game is the real question

  • steve

    game is completely unplayable and i think we all deserve a refund. still better than live though.

  • Just a guy

    I think it’s hilarious that lag and being unable to play friends on a video game can result in people thinking they have a shot at winning a class action lawsuit. Good luck with that. Oh, and 2k isn’t accredited by the BBB, so that avenue is a waste of time.

    • Its not about the lag. Its about advertised features being inaccessible/not functioning. Which absolutely would warrant refunds or lead to a lawsuit.

    • Keith.

      It’s what you get when you’re dealing with people of billy bob’s, er, nathan shane long’s intelligence level. They’ll let EA stick ’em up the $&@ for 9 years but then get out the pitchforks for a game they never even planned to buy. SMH

      • jbl72

        Kinda like you never plan to buy an EA game yet come on here with your pitchfork to bitch about them

  • CSaint

    Brace yourselves… Keith talking about free VC and EA being bad comments are coming.

  • Nathan Shane Long

    Oh Keith come on out from under your bridge TROLL

  • MyGM and MyCareer for everyone who has it crash on them.

    • Keith.

      Has either mode ever crashed on you? Even once?

      Same question for TW14 which, to my knowledge, never had a single article written about its freeze problems. Or M13 before that?

      • edward mercado

        Wtf are u.. The vp of 2k…after the first patch my game became useless… My career and my gm boot me back to homescreen.. Just look at Twitter and the complaints, it’s not an isolated incident it’s damn near were ever it’s was released.. U want proof.. They stopped letting Ppl tweet on the site because it’s flooded with complaints.. Was told two weeks ago to delete my account which takes 24-48 hrs and he the shit won’t delete.. Stop acting like a dick and saying this dude is lying when in fact everything he said has been true… And I have fios quantum and the connection is trash

  • lalalalalala

    so does this mean multiplayer association is coming back next year?

  • Like has been explained at length, if you only play MyCareer, VC is not going to kill you. Stuff is overpriced but you don’t need to buy it. Where VC hurts the most is with people who want to play more than MyCareer on its own.

    • Sever82

      I play Mygm and VC isn’t killing me

  • Skopin

    Don’t worry Keith.. I got this one.

    Online leagues aren’t broken. They work perfectly fine as advertised. I’m sure there is some sort of user error causing all of the issues.

  • James

    Wow, get a load of this guy! What is this loyalty getting you? If you purchased a car that was said to have A/C only to find out it never did would you be ok with that just because you lived in a climate that never required it? Are you ever objective with anything in life? You’re parents would be ashamed if they you were using their computer for this type of nonsense.

  • mbrink12

    Great job “approving” these messages pasta. I just see people calling out Keith instead of actually talking about the article.

    I’ve had very few complaints about this game. Yes, they know that things are messed up and you can go to @2kSupport on Twitter and actually let them know what’s going on instead of complaining on here or other message boards. I let them know on that handle and they actually fixed my problem, so don’t let the problems bother you that much.

    • jr

      Screw Keith. He can’t even enter a 2 k topic without mentioning ea. He’s afraid 2 k will stop the checks if he says anything negative, which they deserve

  • 2kcrap

    Let’s not forget that nice new bug where you cannot advance the round in the playoffs and your MYGM is essentially frozen!!! Will happen to everyone if they win a series.

    • DnY

      In my MyGM (before MyGM started kicking me out to the dashboard to submit an error report to Sony every time I attempted to access my save file or create a new one), when I was simming all of the games because I couldn’t play the games (due to the bug that was kicking me out to the main menu every time I attempted to play a game in MyGM), my team advanced to the ECF and lost, and simmed the rest and went on with the offseason as per usual. I’m not sure if you mean when you PLAY games in the playoffs, but I simmed games through the playoffs just fine.

  • insomnizach

    Who is having all these issues? I’ve played the game for hours and have yet to experience any problems with this game.

    • Skopin

      Just out of curiosity: have you purchased any VC?

  • gamerk2

    As much as I like 2k, I’m hoping both they and EA lose their lawsuits, forcing them to not release games until they are ready.

    And I remember back when the PS3/360 came out, and people thought the ability to patch games was a good idea…

  • CSaint

    The sad part of this game is that it is truly a good game, if not great. However it is only a good/great game when you surpass all the bull shit. We get it Keith, you only play MyPlayer, of course the VC won’t matter to you. That has nothing to do with the people who actually play all the modes; MyGM, MyCareer, as well as MyTeam, all of which include VC usage. You have to choose which mode to use VC on because you do not get even close enough of an amount to use for all 3 or even 2 with one game played. THAT’S THE PROBLEM. I’m not trying to stick up for EA when I say this, but it’s not a coincident that I can go through an online game on a Madden or FIFA game without any difficulties with connection errors, then right after put 2K in and get an error regarding online services more then 50% of the time.

  • MoultonHawk

    I’m playing My Team more than any other mode. Yesterday and today the lag is close to unplayable, forget making your normal clip of shots. I have concern though. My opponent said he had no lag. As well I’m getting a you have lost wifi connection but game doesn’t drop. Anybody have anything similar to this ? COD is fine, just having issues with 2K.

  • Frank

    I read most of the comments on here. Keith reminds me of Rush Limbaugh.

    • DnY

      I actually had the same exact thought dude, lolol.

  • Wassupdun

    Since the patch, I haven’t had it crash on me once. I play My GM and My Career. As someone mentioned earlier, there is something to be and about Internet connections. They’re not all equal and having it on the lowest speed possible, isn’t helping your case at all either.

    • MBird

      Good for you, but there are many others who have had it crash on them, I have experienced two crashes, one with the first patch and another with the third, not to mention the bugs of the third patch that I am a victim of. I have a wired connection from my PS4 to my modem/router of which I have around 15mb/s internet connection. I don’t screw around with this game, when I download or install, just so, hopefully, I do not have to live through the crashing

      that others do, but still, a couple crashes and hangups happen many, many times. Do they make my game unplayable? No, but this game is getting a terrible track record that at least deserves the negative attention it is getting. I’ve so far adapted to the VC nightmare this game is, but this game getting consideration for game of the year is no different than when Madden gets consideration for game of the year, it will be that much of a joke to unbiased gamers.

  • jsj429

    What is this Free Agency issue? You seem to be the (self-proclaimed) head honcho here, does anyone know anymore about that? Pasta, you probably know better than this guy, can you elaborate a little bit more?

    • I mention it right in the article. A bug in the last patch prevents you from changing contract terms in an offer. Which means you likely won’t be able to sign a free agent or re-sign your own players.

    • MBird

      Just like Pasta eluded to in the article, once you are in the free agent or contract extension conversation mode (or whatever 2k calls it), you basically only get to press X (on PS4) continuously hoping for the best. If you’re anticipating being able to adjust contract type, years, value, or role, you are out of luck. Then again, maybe it was designed this way, with the amount of customization 2K took/left out of this game, maybe they thought that allowing gamers to adjust contract length and size was too much control for their liking. Trades are broke, draft logic is broke, free agency is broke. Basically, the whole game is a shell of its former PS3/360 self with better graphics.

  • AustinP

    Tired of Keith’a comments attacking Pasta about not having issued. I didn’t have a single issue (still extremely frustrated by VC since I play a lot of MyGM and prefer to sim majority of the games), but two days ago it flipped and I can’t even get to the main menu without it crashing. Just because one person doesn’t have problems doesn’t mean he shouldn’t bring attention to widespread issues. But I get his point. I bet every reporter who covered AIDS, swine flu, polio, etc. suffered from those conditions because how could they have any credibility if they did not? Keith is a huge joke who has lost EVERY bit of little validity he may have ever possessed

    • It’s one of the biggest problems with the games press. The idea if its not happening to them, it doesn’t matter/shouldn’t be talked about.

      • ra

        I now read these 2k posts all the way through just to read that Keith guys comments. Pure hilarity.

  • Sever82

    I no doubt get the frustrations about the issues, I still enjoy playing mygm, don’t get much of any crashes so I’m not sure if this issue is being overblown but I find it funny pasta always has something bad to say about 2k sports or nba 2k but where is the hatchet job on ea games. I feel nba live and madden are the bigger disappointments. They are lacking in innovation but yet pasta finds the time to bash a game that is true next gen except for its online issue but gives nba live and madden which is the only nfl offering because of the exclusive license. To me it’s bs that pasta gives ea a pass. Complain about 2k because it seems like some people are having issues but don’t give ea games a pass.

    • Skopin

      Did you just start coming to this site? EA has been criticized greatly for NBA Live and for past Maddens. Even the current gen Madden had an article about how lackluster it was.

      NBA 2k has been the golden child here for the last few years. Now that they have botched this launch, the articles are there to bring it out.

  • Tom

    2k needs to get their asses into gear, IDK what they are thinking, but the post support for 2k over the past years has been arrogant and insulting because of their lack of effort. I get the idea of focusing on the game during production, but it doesn’t work, and I haven’t been reading about 2k working around the clock on these issues. Pathetic

  • swimfunk


  • Anthony Suriano

    Can’t even get online tonight on PS4. Only limited to offline games, says it can’t connect to the 2K servers. I have it on Xbox One also, and I connected, got to The Park, and no games would start, everyone just milling around but couldn’t get anything to start.

  • ShyneNJ

    Good article.. I haven’t played my ps4 in weeks but my soon has n he bought VC for his my player gear and some MY GM traits and told me bout an issue last night of all his things. I checked and his MY Player and things are all GONE and won’t even connect online anymore so its basically no longer playable now and money wasted

  • AYoloTurtl

    To fix the ammount you offer in free agency you have to hold the left skick 45 degres to the left or right then you can edit how much you offer them.. But i am also experiencing the bug where you cant advance in playoffs if you dint have a opponent yet

  • Michael Scott

    This game was very good (Xbox One) prior to this patch. Now i cant change contract lengths or amounts during free agent meetings. When i turn on the game now it wants me to create my player again, even though its already been created. 2K has to do something about this game it is completely unplayable at the moment. Lastly, I really hate the VC idea to add attributes and skills to your GM in My GM mode. You literaly have to play every game to gain the points you need to be effective. Sometimes I just like to pick a sorry team like the Bobcats and sim all of thier games and see if I can turn them into a winner, cant do that now because i dont have time to p;ay 82 game seasons.

  • spyder

    when i first got the game for Xbox One everything seemed to work fine i could do everything i wanted to seamlessly with no problems. Then about a week in after i herd about patches and updates coming out was when my 2k14 became unplayable. now i cant go on MyGM or Mycareer or anything like that 2k better get this shit fixed asap

    • E of stl

      This NBA 2k14 game is completely unplayable for me. I can’t get pass the main menu unless I’m playing the blacktop or quick game. My gm, my career or my team keeps kicking me back to the main menu screen when I try to play one of those modes. I’m sick of 2k’s shit and want my money back. This game is ridiculous and they need their ass whipped for putting this half ass finished game out. Y should u have to be online to play my gm that’s stupid. Whoever says they are not experiencing problems just be thankful that your not because they’re coming.

  • DnY

    Play the game and get better. Learn to run offensive and defensive plays, and which ones work in the right situations. The gameplay when running smoothly and difficulty are not the problems here.

    The problems are MyGM and MyTeam being completely unplayable for what seems like the large majority of people, myself certainly included. MyGM started with just the games being unplayable, and I decided it was going to suck, but I’d just sim through the seasons and play it without earning VC (you get VC for playing games in MyGM).. and about two weeks ago, it actually started kicking me to the dashboard to submit an error report to Sony every time I attempt to start MyGM or MyTeam, effectively removing two of the three modes I play in the game. I would play Online Leagues, but I don’t even want to try, because the first time I tried on next-gen, the league lasted two hours, we played a few games, and then the league shut down and kicked all the users that were actively in the league to the dashboard to submit the error report to Sony. MyCareer, on the other hand, will actually start the games 1 out of every, I’d say, 8 games for me, but I’m kicked back to the main menu the other 7 times.

    The product is simply not delivering on any of the fronts that were advertised for the large majority of players, and is causing even larger problems — like kicking out to the dashboard when attempting to play three of the four advertised modes — for many others. Something absolutely must be done, and very soon, or people will start to do the unthinkable – BUY and PLAY Live 14.

  • King Arthur

    You remind me of a peasant trapped in the depths of a dungeon

  • Mark Villarreal

    MyGM 5th season sweeped the confinals and it frozen won’t SIM up to the finals and now stuck wtf

  • shane thompson

    I cant play online with my friends or even get in the same park with them. Made sure we had the same rosters downloaded and everything. Whats the deal?