The Press Row Podcast Top Three Sports Games of 2013

Posted December 25th, 2013 at 12:30 pm


Last week the year-end Press Row Podcast was released with a discussion on the best sports games of 2013. The results shaping a top three were as expected at the top and maybe somewhat surprising at the bottom.

The finally tally had next-gen FIFA 14 taking the crown of Best Sports Game of 2013. In second place was NCAA Football 14 and third was next-gen Madden NFL 25. MLB 13: The Show just missed out on making the top three. My submission which factored in had The Show as the top game, followed by NCAA Football 14 and FIFA 14.

For those who haven’t listened to the episode arguments are made for and against each game, the ranking process explained, and the personal lists of each panelist revealed. Check out the podcast for iOS through iTunes, on Android with the Stitcher app, or in the streaming player below. What do you think of how the rankings shook out?

  • Victor

    Glad to see that 2K14 did not make the top. Does not deserve recognition this year with all the problems and trying to milk people out of more money.

  • bze

    madden isnt bad but its not very good either, the show shouldve been #1 but i guess its hurt by releasing early in the year people forget about it.

  • Skopin

    How is this in any way, shape, or form relevant to this article?

    • Keith.

      Relevance can be argued. Considering that I’m only ensuring none of my fellow posters miss out on the 13,000 worth of FREE VC that 2K’s giving away (and that Pasta’s ignoring), it’s pretty hard to find me at fault for the community service reminder — unless you’ve got an axe to grind with 2K.

      Which reminds me, I never did see you answer my question of whether or not you’re really an EA plant. So, are you? Or will you avoid answering again since it doesn’t have to do with the subject matter of the article.

      • Skopin

        How can relevance be argued? Nowhere in this article is NBA 2k, 2k sports, or VC mentioned whatsoever.

        And what makes you think that I’m an “EA plant”? Because I don’t agree with your clearly biased opinion? Because I call you out on your bullshit and you have no other defense since you know what I’m saying is true?

        It’s kinda sad that you have to spam unrelated articles like this because your favorite game has issues and the company isn’t addressing them.

  • Check84


    The thing you don’t understand is…we shouldn’t have to rely on some guy giving out codes on Twitter to progress in the game…F&^# that noise.

    Why should I have to type in codes to progress my career? Not to mention…you earn plenty of VC in MyCareer if that’s all you play…but you can’t play multiple modes. Even with all “free” VC YOU STILL DON’T HAVE ENOUGH to play MyCareer and MyGM.

    Seriously…take your god damn 2K blinders off for one second. I’m not saying EA is a great company, but holy hell dude, 2K sucks…has sucked for a long time as a company. Yes, they made ONE GOOD GAME…they also made 100 PoS’s before that.

    • Keith.

      So what do you want, a game where I can increase MyPlayer up to a 99 across the board as soon as I get the game? I don’t.

      2k’s made it so where I can receive enough free VC over the course of a month to get MyPlayer up into the 90s, by picking envelopes and daily winners in their app, by taking advantage of all of the free VC giveaways, etc. That’s more than fine by me. And considering the game stays on the monthly Top 10 sales charts until June, I’d say it’s fine with most other people, too, Pasta’s hatchet-job articles notwithstanding.

      • Vogari?

        I think he wants a game where he can set his rotation as soon as he gets the game. OH wait, you only play MyCareer. Screw the rest of us, right?

      • Skopin

        And you continue to ignore any mention of trying to play more than one game mode. Interesting.

      • Check84

        Keith…You once again completly avoid my entire statement to just post pro 2k talk. I don’t understand. You accuse this other guy of being a “EA Plant” – Yet, you really sound like a 2K one.
        The whole issue isn’t that free VC is available. Of course it is, but it’s NOT ENOUGH even with it. Free 13,000 VC isn’t enough to maintain playing MY GM ***AND MYCAREER*** at the same time.
        And then the point comes into play…even if it WAS…why am I being FORCED to use an APP and TWITTER to play a freaking Xbox/PS game? That shouldn’t be a damn near requirement to be successful. It should be a bonus.
        Sorry, I don’t know about you, but I refuse to spend my entire life revolving around watching twitter and playing little mini games on an app just to get my player up to a 99.
        I am very well aware that you can JUST play the game and have enough VC to do ONE OR THE OTHER…But you can’t play both successfully…
        Answer THAT…not in a round about way.

        • Keith.

          I haven’t spent any time at all with MyGM, so there’s no way for me to answer that. I’ve posted what I’ve seen others say, that they’ve been able to get enough VC after playing an hour or so of the game, especially when combined with all the Free VC that 2k’s given away, and if you spend any time at all in The Park, where VC can be obtained pretty quickly. But if none of that’s working for you, then I don’t know what to tell ya.

      • Joedw

        If you hate pasta padre so much why do you spend every minute of your adult life on here?!

        • Keith.

          Who said anything about hating Pasta? Football videogames were my first hobby in life, starting when I was 6 or 7 years old playing Football on the old Odyssey2. Everybody enjoys talking about their hobby, myself included, and it doesn’t take very much time at all to come here and voice my opinions/respond to others’ opinions. And because EA’s gotten away with spreading so much mis-information these last 9 years, I enjoy pointing out what I know to be the truth on the self-proclaimed “#1 sports gaming website.”

  • JournoGuy42

    So you want Pasta to write a glorified ad post about free VC? I’d say there are many channels you could go-to for that type of information, Reddit, forums etc. but a site where I go to find new information about sports gaming and maybe a few editorials isn’t where I’d like to see it.

    • Brian

      Are those free 13,000 points going to make it possible for me to sign Lebron James or any other free agent? Why hasn’t 2K fixed that yet? It completely screwed my first whole offseason. As the Magic I cleared max money under the cap, only to not be able to negotiate beyond the default tender. All along thinking it was due to my small market status. Really 2K? A franchise mode where contract negotiating is broken? I think Pasta should have a whole article dedicated to that. But thanks to our lord a savior in sport gaming, 2K, to give us pennies from heaven. Allowing us to upgrade to two packages. Plus Donnie has already said look for more. So Pasta should do an article about every drop of free VC? I’m more personally concerned about what’s broken, then their meager attempt to make things right. Say what you will about EA, but give me one example of an EA game where many of what should be essential things are broken.

      • Keith.

        I don’t play MyGM but I’ve seen this workaround posted at OS, and it seems like it would solve your complaint:

        “1) In the contract negotiation – propose the lower amount that comes up by default (or really low ball to make sure the player comes back with a reply)
        2) The player will respond saying we can do better, etc.
        3) BEFORE you hit the X button [PS4] to bring up the screen again to adjust the numbers – press and HOLD the down button on the D Pad. WHILE HOLDING THE D PAD DOWN – press the X button
        4) You will now be have access to the list of items you couldn’t get to before. It’s starts at the bottom and you can edit each category working your way up. PLEASE NOTE – you can’t move back down once you move up to the next category – so make sure you know what you wan to propose before you start editing.”