Press Row Hangout: Responding to Viewer Submitted Questions and Topics

Posted December 28th, 2013 at 11:15 am


The latest Press Row Hangout takes on viewer questions and suggested topics that were submitted prior to and during the show. For those who prefer to listen to podcasts over the video hangouts, the show will be offered in audio form within the next few days and a new posting will go up at that time. With the Press Row Podcast taking a holiday break more live hangouts are planned to fill the gap. As always feel free to leave any thoughts on the subjects or show feedback in the comments!

  • Skihawks

    Good questions and responses. I enjoyed the banter of your online seasons. Madden is one game I haven’t had time to really dive into yet. Working at UPS sucks up much of my time. I will be starting a Madden season when I’m on vacation next month.

    I am in a My Career mode in 2K 14. Unless I missed it in your podcast what do you think of the free VC codes out on OS and the ability to earn VC through picking games in the game? Although I haven’t figured out how to make picks to earn the free VC.

    • The free VC is all about 2K upping their social media metrics. That’s all it is. Most people who pick up the game aren’t going to know about it. Definitely a cheap tactic of theirs but they’ve done that kind of stuff for years now.

      • Skihawks

        I was curious if the backlash forced 2K’s hand. I also agree with your thoughts about specific modes requiring online. I couldn’t play My Career this morning because I couldn’t connect with the 2K servers.

        Cannot wait for more updates on The Show. That isy most anticipated game in 2014.

  • Kiefer

    Keith, how many VC’s do I need to not get kicked out of MYGM every time I choose to send a player to offseason drills?

    • CSaint

      I heard that was free. At least something in this game doesn’t cost VC.

  • Jason Lewon

    Thanks For another great show loved the responses and pasta anytime you want to play madden i’ll show you how the 49ers roll