Press Row Hangout: 2013 Awards Discussion

Posted January 4th, 2014 at 10:45 am


The latest Press Row Hangout takes a look back at 2013 by discussing the best sports games of the year and recognizing individual qualities that the various titles excelled in. The Pastapadre Community Choice Awards and the Operation Sports Games of the Year and Editor’s Choice Awards are all discussed. The show will also be available in podcast form early next week.

  • Keith.

    Agree completely with the OS Readers who voted, overwhelmingly, that The Show was the Best Sports Game on PS3/360, and who also voted, again overwhelmingly, that NBA 2K14 is the Best Sports Game on PS4/XBone. Rare that I vote with the majority of OS’ readers, but 2013 saw it happen.

  • kaceJ

    Good show. FIFA, MLB, NCAA, and NHL were all easily great games this year. Shame about 2K cause it could have been so good but they can only blame themselves.