Press Row Hangout Awards Special Now Available in Podcast Form

Posted January 8th, 2014 at 9:00 am


The most recent hangout can now be listened to as a Press Row Podcast! The show features myself, Rich Grisham, and Chris Sanner discussing the 2013 Pastapadre Community Awards and Operation Sports Games of the Year and Editor’s Choice Awards.

Check out the 90 minute podcast through iTunes or for Android devices with the Stitcher app. Anyone who’d like to watch the show as it original aired can still do so here. The usual Press Row Podcast returns from a holiday break late this week with discussion on the NBA 2K14 problems and the official cancellation of MLB 2K.

  • Keith.

    Hope to hear some discussion during the next podcast about “NBA Live 14 Roster Updates Not Living Up to Promises,” and kudos to OS for their story on the subject (since nobody else in the gaming media seems to care).

    With all the recent talk around here about calling the Better Business Bureau and filing class action lawsuits, I’d be curious to hear the full panel’s views on this subject.

    • Rich Grisham

      Keith – we did not bring this up in the show tonight; I don’t think NBA Live was discussed at all. It’s interesting in its own way; we get so many questions about and requests to discuss NBA 2K14’s issues, yet there is very little clamor about NBA Live.

      I think it’s because so many people want to play NBA 2K14. It’s proven that when it works, it is spectacular. I love it when I can play it. Absolutely LOVE it.

      NBA Live on the court pales in comparison to NBA 2K14, so there does not seem to be much interest in hearing us talk about it. It’s a known quantity at this point, whereas the NBA 2K14 story continues to develop.

      It is an interesting piece at OS that does merit discussion. I had not seen it when we went into recording, otherwise I would have brought it up. After all, Operation Sports distributes the show!

  • jixxt

    good episode i think ncaa was the best this year but cant go wrong with the show or fifa