Madden NFL 25 Roster Update #18 Details

Posted January 9th, 2014 at 2:15 pm


Following two weeks in which there were no roster updates for Madden NFL 25 due to the holidays a big one released today for the Xbox One, 360, PS4, and PS3. Typically that would leave three more to be completed with the final one coming shortly after the Super Bowl. Check out all the details on the latest update in spreadsheet form here.

Notable names rising include Aldon Smith (+1 to 97), NaVorro Bowman (+2 to 96), Robert Quinn (+1 to 96), Kyle Williams (+1 to 95), Eric Weddle (+1 to 95), Joe Haden (+1 to 95), Earl Thomas (+2 to 94), Jason Witten (+1 to 94), Vontae Davis (+2 to 93), Luke Kuechly (+1 to 93), Josh Gordon (+1 to 93), Robert Mathis (+3 to 92), Greg Hardy (+2 to 92), Cameron Jordan (+2 to 92), Antonio Brown (+1 to 92), Cam Newton (+1 to 92), Demaryius Thomas (+1 to 92), Brandon Mebane (+2 to 91), Philip Rivers (+1 to 91), Eric Decker (+1 to 91), Andrew Luck (+1 to 90), Alshon Jeffery (+1 to 90), Knowshon Moreno (+1 to 89), Nick Foles (+3 to 87), Keenan Lewis (+2 to 87), T.Y. Hilton (+3 to 86), Giovani Bernard (+2 to 84), and Cordarrelle Patterson (+2 to 81).

Among those to slide late in the season are Aaron Rodgers (-1 to 97), Von Miller (-1 to 97), Patrick Willis (-2 to 96), Brandon Marshall (-1 to 96), Haloti Ngata (-1 to 95), Mario Williams (-2 to 92), Vincent Jackson (-1 to 92), Ben Roethlisberger (-1 to 92), Lance Briggs (-2 to 91), Eric Berry (-1 to 90), Wes Welker (-1 to 90), Champ Bailey (-1 to 90), Julius Peppers (-2 to 89), Joe Flacco (-1 to 88), Fletcher Cox (-2 to 83), DeMeco Ryans (-2 to 81), B.J. Raji (-2 to 81), Kyle Orton (-2 to 75), and Logan Paulsen (-3 to 72).

  • Coops

    Seems there is a few in this one where they are downing players ratings for the sake of it. Not deserving to go down but if they don’t Donny might look bad giving everyone a raise. A few changes down don’t make sense.

    Also think it’s worth noting that Manning has been given a raise in awareness to 100. First 100 rating in Madden for a while, no?

    • mpristave

      if anyone gets a raise for this game EA is doing it wrong

  • Crix

    Byron Maxwell has been the top corner in the league since he became starter. Sherman actually rates out as the second best. But Maxwell gets 1 point and is just 79 overall. SMH

  • Zyphox

    Foles has incredible numbers in the games he has played this season, 119 QB rating only 2 interceptions 8.9 yds per pass, which lead the league, yet he’s only an 87, yet some Qb’s who came out in the same draft are rated higher like luck????

  • AFC North

    This updated doesn’t reflect the Bengals win and how well Dalton did vs Vikings or how well the defense did plenty of Bengals defensive players got dropped and they played very well how does Burfict get decreased

  • mcjedi

    Just the other day I played with the Texans (73) against the 49ers (88) and won 24-21 after being down 21-0. In my opinion, it’s about skill, not ratings.

    It just proves that you don’t have to have brains to work for EA!

    • Tired of it

      The rating numbers may be the biggest lie ever about Madden, experienced ballers know there plecbos with no impact, when u have a bad product, with little to market, you give the consumer something to chew on, and distract from the big problems.
      Madden football is an embarressement to the industry.
      When someone asks me,”is that a new PS4″ I hane to qualify it by saying yes, but it’s just madden loaded right now, later we can see some real next gen games.

  • D.j. Hoy

    This year was by far the best that they kept up with the rosters, so I applaud them on that. With that being said, however, this end of the year randomly decreasing people is ridiculous. I know kicker stats don’t matter much at all, but how do they justify docking Shaun Suisham of the Steelers a point down to an overall of 80? He was 30 of 32 on the year (both of his misses were in week 8). Doesn’t make any sense. Beyond that, How in the world do they stand behind Flacco being rated 88 when he had 19 td’s and 22 int’s when Nick Foles is rated 87 and had 27 td’s and just 2 int’s? Yes I am a Steelers fan and don’t like the Ravens, but even Flacco fans have to admit that is wrong.

  • OvercookedPasta

    How are the Eagles still an 82? Many non-playoff teams like Dallas are higher. Looking at this round it looks like it isn’t current, it’s from the week they missed. Players going down have had good weeks in the final week and playoffs…

  • mpristave

    still no patch that fixes any issues, lmao. EA you are a JOKE

  • Ian Dickson

    There is One Problem that I have with Madden 25 for the Next Gen PS4 or Xbox One; The problem is the hidden Playmaker control feature. There are two components but the first one The Playmaker Pass feature is where you are the Quarterback that can control the receiver and make him run in a specific direction, continue the route, break the route off or let him run down the field as if he was running a vertical route. My Question is why is it that this Playmaker feature is not similar to how they first had introduced the feature on Madden NFL 2004 where they have two components to the Playmaker control feature? The Two components are PLAYMAKER PASS AND PLAYMAKER RUN. PLAYMAKER PASS IS JUST WHAT I ALLUDED TO ABOVE AND PLAYMAKER RUN feature is while you are running the football with the running back you can even direct offensive lineman, tight ends, wide receivers, and fullbacks in the direction that the running play was called to run in.