Press Row Podcast: NBA 2K14’s Struggles and Currency Concerns for The Show

Posted January 10th, 2014 at 11:15 am


The first Press Row Podcast of 2014 brings together a full panel to discuss the disastrous NBA 2K14 post-release developments, how much worry there should be over MLB 14: The Show’s new “Universal Currency” given the elevated consumer sensitivity to how in-game economies affect the user experience, and impressions of the Xbox One exclusive Powerstar Golf.

Check out the podcast through iTunes, on Android with the Stitcher app, or in the streaming player below. As always leave any feedback on the show or topics to discuss for future podcasts and hangouts in the comments!

  • Ron Burgandy

    Direct quote from Russell SCEA about the UC. Enjoy

    If you don’t like our implementation and execution of Universal Currency in MLB 14 The Show, it won’t be for any of the aforementioned reasons already discussed.

    Carry on

    • VeN

      I look forward to them fully explaining how it works cause a vague statement like that in a random forum post that most people won’t even know about isnt exactly sufficient.

    • grizz

      Yea and I bet ronnie2k wouldve said not to worry about 2k14’s VC stuff before release too.

  • Vinnete

    Listened this morning good show guys.

  • CSaint

    Servers on 2K down again today 😀 Boy they need to get their act together for real…

    • Keith.

      Seem to be fine here. Just finished the Rising Stars/Elites game in MyCareer (scored 20 and held Ellis to 7), and bumped MyPlayer up to a 94 over all. Gonna play some Park games here in a bit if you want to get any games in.

      • It seems the Xbox One is having far more problems at this point than PS4. The majority of the comments being made about having trouble playing are coming from XB1 from what I’ve gathered.

        • CSaint

          Nope I am PS4, and Keith since you are almighty to the servers being down how about you go type 2k servers on twitter and read.. They are up now but were down 2 hours after my post

  • DetRichardMoore

    Have you read any of Owen Good’s article actively? He’s done some great work IMO.

    Such as his article on the Sandy Hook Shooter (

    Or the recent re-surge of Resident Evil Outbreak users (

    So he got something wrong on a podcast, and he had two games you didn’t like on his Best Of list. I think that’s the point of Best Of lists dude, to encourage you to have a differing opinion and create your own. In the music world, sites like Pitchfork and SPIN make best of lists all the time and people usually differ with them, nothing is wrong with having a differing opinion and that doesn’t help prove how shitty of a journalist he’s supposed to be.

    I think he’s done good articles in the past, and he’s my favorite of the Kotaku writers.

    Would you have been a fan of his if he had included NBA 2K14 on his best-of list? Because I think you including that makes you seem to have a huge bias.

    • Keith.

      He’s mocked 2k5 fans for years for thinking that game’s still better than anything produced down in Orlando, so no.

      Not familiar with the other stories you gave links to, but those links seem to be bad (and Australian). All I get is sorry, page not found.

  • Details

    You just can’t resist taking shots at Madden any chance you get lol. How did I know that was coming smh. I’ll give it to you Keith, you are consistent that’s for sure lol.

    • Keith.

      If EA doesn’t get the exclusive license (now there’s a story — where’s any digging into the uncertain NFL licensing deal?!), you’ll never have to read another post from me talking about Tiburon’s incompetence ever again.

      • Last I was able to dig up was they were still in negotiations. They keep things tight lipped for obvious reasons on both ends. There were no leaks before the exclusive deal was signed, or prior to the extensions that were agreed upon.

        • Keith.

          Sure going to be interesting to see what comes out.

          Remember, part of the settlement of the Madden Monopoly lawsuit (apart from the $27 million EA paid) was EA agreeing not to seek an exclusive license from the NCAA for however many years, with the thought being, of course, they couldn’t settle one alleged monopoly lawsuit and then turn right around again and secure another monopoly. Now that nobody’s making NCAA games period, it sure would seem to open EA (or whoever) right back up to another monopoly lawsuit if another exclusive is signed.

  • Keith.

    The podcast guys didn’t seem to care about the free VC 2K has been releasing, but 2K released another free 3,000 VC locker codes today:

    “Ronnie 2K 2K14 ‏@Ronnie2K56m
    #NBA2K14 All Eyes on Me #LockerCodes PS4/XB1: N14PS-WTQKV-V4NIQ-VXCI6-4FUYZ PS3/360 N14PS-YZRM7-N8QK3-YYAHH-LHSL7 Expires end of weekend RT!

    • Keith.

      Turns out Ronnie tweeted the same codes as last time, but this guy has a picture of the right codes in his twitter. Just redeemed it on PS4 and got the free 3,000, so it definitely works. Remember to to type in the hashes.

  • Tetsuo

    First, people need to not encourage that Keith dude. He’s a troll and feeds off the responses. Obvious troll is troll.
    Second, I just straight up traded in my copy for the first time in 8 years. 2K now joins EA, Activision & Gearbox as developers who’ve earned the ire of games/consumers and need to actually wise the hell up in their practices. Activision seems to have moved forward, we’ll see about Gearbox, EA is in the midst of dealing with consumer backlash. 2K won’t even acknowledge it, which for me at least, is the most grievous of sins.

    Good lawd I hope we get more competition in the NBA dept., because if this is a sign of the road 2K’s going down, I’m not gonna have any ball to play on consoles for a looong time.