New Golf Game Coming to Xbox One and PS4 This Spring

Posted January 22nd, 2014 at 2:30 pm


While there will be no usual golf game from EA Sports this year – as they transition away from Tiger Woods and attempt to launch in strong fashion on the new systems in 2015 – the new generation won’t be going without golf after all.

HB Studios, who has partnered with Electronic Arts in the past, most recently developed Rugby World Cup 2011 and the infamous NBA Baller Beats. They have also contributed to games like Madden and FIFA on the Wii and other EA Sports tiles that made their way onto secondary platforms including PS2, PC, and PSP.

Their latest effort is The Golf Club which will release on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC this spring. Being described as a simulation the game will include a course creator with final designs able to be shared and used in online matches. Tournaments and Tours can be customized and shared as well. Also touted is practically zero load time between holes, challenges vs friends, and social media integration. Check out screenshots in the FB album and continue on for some early videos highlighting gameplay and the Course Creator.

  • Brian Mann

    This could be amazing and put EA out of the golf market.

    • OnlookerDelay

      LOL… they’re already out of the market – for this year 😉 Hopefully, it will make them step their game up for EA Sports PGA Tour Golf 15.

      • Brian Mann

        Well what I mean is if EA is going to continue with the current model of 20-25 licensed courses and then DLC courses, then I don’t see them competing with this game that will have an unlimited number of courses.

        • OnlookerDelay

          EA Sports will have a very difficult time competing with this if the game play is solid AND people are able to create faithful replicas of famous courses. HBS’ game model is built to be incrementally upgraded, not an annual, buy a whole new game like Tiger has been. Lots of “ifs” yet to play out though.

  • Russmac316

    This actually doesn’t look so bad…

  • Shawn Banks


  • OnlookerDelay

    This game is loaded with potential. The course “DNA” model they’ve developed will make courses sharable across platforms, and we’ll even get to play ghosted rounds from one platform to the other… it’s truly genius! I just hope it plays a decent game of golf.

  • SENZ

    OMG a dream come true!!!

  • MoneyMayweather

    What about the 360 version?

  • insomnizach

    Idk. I’d rather play a solid golf game than build courses.

    • OnlookerDelay

      I get the feeling that this will play a solid game of golf. based on what I’m seeing and reading. It sounds very much like the swing interface will rely on rhythm as much as anything. THAT kinda sounds like Links 2004 on the XBox to me!

  • Skihawks

    Looks good. I like the course creator. Outstanding idea.

    Where is all the news for The Show? Man, thought I would be seeing something by now.


  • This isn’t really going for the throat though. There’s no career mode, no CPU players, no changing difficulty, every player has the same attributes and they can’t be changed or improved, no real courses or real golfers.

    It’s intriguing certainly but not meant to “kill” EA’s golf game.

    • MERACE

      I’m glad that HB Studios is not trying to go toe-to-toe with a feature set identical to EA’s TW game. If they concentrate on delivering a good course creator along with good simulation style game play then they I and many others will be more than satisfied.


      • I don’t disagree with that. It would be great to have multiple games that attempt to do different things.

    • Mike

      I only play online and multiplayer in all my sports games…that suits me just fine…it should be all user skill. Makes the game equal for all….using real holders you have to say ok how can I match that guys distance or someone else’s putting ability….the tiger woods game is very arcade…this I’m hoping for a true sim. Hell the hit shots golf is more sim than EA’s golf.

  • blloyd8298

    Looks good…I’ll just miss the brands (nike, adidas, etc..) and the real golfers that Tiger Woods Golf had

  • Pokes404

    Looks cool. You know some people are going to create their favorite local course as accurately as possible. It’ll be fun to get to play these “real” courses that would have never had any hope of making it into EA’s game.

  • Rebel

    Looks pretty interesting. If I had a next-gen system I’d be interested in it. Although you never know how these first-time efforts are going to turn out. Sometimes they get too ambitious with the extra stuff and forget to make a good game. It does look like they’re putting some effort into it though. That’s a good sign.

  • AndyMP

    This looks promising.