Madden NFL 25 Conference Championship Roster Update

Posted January 24th, 2014 at 3:30 pm


The 19th roster update for Madden NFL 25 has released on the Xbox One, PS4, 360, and PS3. This is the first roster to evaluate performances from the NFL Playoffs. One more is expected following the Super Bowl. Check out the spreadsheet listing all the changes here.

Richard Sherman has reached the 99 overall rated pinnacle and joins six other players there. Other notables moving up include Kam Chancellor (+2 to 94), Luke Kuechly (+1 to 94), Robert Mathis (+1 to 93), Demaryius Thomas (+1 to 93), Steve Smith (+1 to 91), Champ Bailey (+1 to 91), Michael Bennett (+3 to 88), Terrance Knighton (+3 to 87), Cliff Avril (+2 to 87), T.Y. Hilton (+1 to 87), LeGarrette Blount (+3 to 83), Byron Maxwell (+3 to 82), Doug Baldwin (+2 to 82), Danny Trevathan (+3 to 81), and Jamie Collins (+4 to 79).

Among those falling are Jimmy Graham (-1 to 95), Jahri Evans (-2 to 94), Joe Staley (-1 to 94), Eric Weddle (-1 to 94), Vernon Davis (-1 to 94), Vontae Davis (-1 to 92), Percy Harvin (-1 to 91), Anquan Boldin (-1 to 91), Max Unger (-2 to 89), Wes Welker (-1 to 89), Michael Crabtree (-1 to 89), Knowshon Moreno (-1 to 88), and Colin Kaepernick (-1 to 87).

  • heY
    • bltzkrieg666

      Kruk is having a bad 2014. 2k14 is a train wreck. Patch#4 is worthless, Releasing Christmas jersey’s in late January and now courts overturn ruling against EA, and finally no release date for The Show. Somebody better put Kruk on suicide watch. Oh just to add fuel to the fire. Live 14 is looking better and better every day enroute to the big patch and for what its worth. Every aspect of the game is fully functional and has been so since day 1.

      • Keith.

        Yuk it up, Daley. I’m going to miss you around here when Live’s officially shit-canned. Only a matter of time, my friend.

  • MoneyMayweather

    couldn’t help yourself huh pasta?

  • Keith.

    Pretty telling that the Super Bowl is next week, and the discussion/interest level about M25 has been dead for weeks if not months. Even at OS, the only thread that’s been generating any real discussion is “Angry Joe put M25 on his worst sports game 2013 list.” But even with that fun to read thread (which begins with some defensive remarks from the same nimrods/undercover EA marketeers who have been defending Tiburon over there for 10 years if not longer), it’s like a ghost town on the OS Madden boards, with the biggest game of the year a week away.

    And we’re still only in January. By the time the NBA Finals roll around in June, NBA 2K15 will probably have sold twice as many copies as this turd on PS4/XBone. That’s sad but awesome at the same time.

    • Iown You

      Roadman and BKRich: two of the biggest Madden ball washers of all-time. I can’t believe they haven’t been hired by EA yet.

      Madden is a lame duck if this exclusive doesn’t happen for them. They’ll be finished in 5 years or less with fierce competition. Even OS Mods are speaking up against Madden now, so you know shit has hit the fan. And you’re right, Madden is basically non-existent this year. I’ve never seen the Madden landscape so dead at this time of year. It really does tell you everything you need to know about much of a debacle this game is.

      • Keith.

        Yep — exactly who I had in mind. For all the people banned at OS over the years for taking a shot at Tiburon’s incompetence, the fact that those 2 clowns have been allowed to stick around and defend Tiburon every step of the way is enough to make me puke. Granted, there have been a number of OS mods and regular posters who have gone on to land jobs on the Tiburon dev team (and I’m sure countless others who have been paid to hype Tiburon football like the recently-exposed YouTubers), but those 2 in particular (and I’d throw in mystevo for good measure) are enough to sicken anybody.

        • Iown You

          Man, Mestevo is literally one of the dumbest guys over there, and that’s saying a lot because there are some real shortbussers at that site.

          Have you ever just like read a post of his and then re-read it just to make sure he’s not kidding? I have, and each time I keep picturing a guy so fat he pops every blow-up doll he gets, and I believe he gets a lot having no other choices. He’s a real scoundrel, too. Some of the ways I’ve seen him attack people unprovoked is just sickening and the mods do nothing. He must have embarrassing naked videos of the mods or something.

          As a sidenote, it was HILARIOUS watching Lisa_Bonami get banned for using multiple personalities to push her lame ass agenda. I always knew something was wrong with that chick. She went down in FLAMES, LOL! Her attitude sucked anyway and she was a know-nothing idiot just like most of them over there.

  • Iown You

    LOL! Kane is an OCD clown. He got a job there because he was good at complaining about equipment. This of course was another one of Ian’s hires I believe. Now people see why that team sucks so bad. Forget hiring people with proven track records, let’s hire guys off the street because they can point out equipment flaws, smh. WOW.

    That post is hilarious. Tiburon is such a joke, man.

    • seattleseahawks2014

      First of all, how is it that someone that works at EA is asking everyone what portraits need to be updated? Isn’t it pretty obvious that players have had the same exact portraits since madden 11? Vernon Davis and Stevie Johnson haven’t had dreads in 5 years. I really dont think it is that hard to update the portraits every year and just photoshop each player’s head onto each of those white jerseys. They do it each and every year with the rookie players so why can’t they do it with every other player? The excuse that AP doesnt have the portraits is complete BS cuz anyone can go on AP images and type in Vernon Davis headshot or Stevie Johnson headshot and you will see their 2013 headshot in seconds. They even scanned some current nfl players portraits into the game this year- almost all of the starting QBs and some players for the all-25 team- Larry Fitzgerald, Rob Gronkowski, Troy Polamalu, Ed Reed, J.J. Watt and a lot more. I guarantee u can ask anyone at EA and they would all say the same answer- that AP doesnt have the portraits but you can just type in Pittsburgh Steelers 2013 headshots for example, and u would find all of the team’s 2013 portraits. I know more about these portraits and I dont even work at EA. I really just wish EA would stop the BS

  • NFL League Official

    Why wasn’t Cam Newton decreased after his awful play? Luke Kuechly is a great player I like him. In 32 career regular season games 320 tackles 3 sacks 1st round draft pick overall 94. Vontaze Burfict 30 career regular season games 298 tackles 4 sacks undrafted overall 84. Why does Kuechly deserves such a much higher rating?

  • youngmenace 974

    Omg now I know the 12 man is goin 2 be mad wit me but have any of u really took the time 2 lookat rRussell Wilsons qb stats he is so over rated it is hilarious I mean he is gud but shhheees (sac 90 mac 85 dac 89) no way more like sac 85 mac 87 dac 89 Russell is not that accurate he is a darker faster stronger armed Alex Smith and that’s not a bad thing he got it done but he shud not be a 92 overall wit those high accuracy throwing stats he is not better than A Luck

  • enusmenace

    Wilson was making the throws into tight coverage that Mr. Manning should have been. If anything, he deserves a boost based off of his super bowl play but I’m glad that they’ve done away with post-super bowl updates this year because they didn’t really make sense in the first place from a legitimacy standpoint and it gave an advantage (or disadvantage) to the two teams that played in the super bowl.

    On another note, people to not have directly communicating with you via headset during the most important game of your career: Eli Manning