What Spring Sports Games Are You Looking Forward To Most?

Posted January 28th, 2014 at 1:30 pm


What once appeared to be a fairly week first half of the year for sports gaming has been bolstered by two recent announcements. New arrivals in The Golf Club and R.B.I. Baseball will join MLB 14: The Show, 2014 FIFA World Cup, and EA Sports UFC all to be released by the end of May.

Varying levels of information are available on the five titles. The Golf Club has probably shared the most of the group – and that’s in the least amount of time – with RBI and World Cup still not being discussed in any detail. UFC had a number of features explained back at an impressive E3 showing but very little since. The Show meanwhile hasn’t even established its official release date with just over a month until it would traditionally be out.

What games are you most anticipating at this point for the months ahead? Vote in the poll below (can vote for more than one) and leave your thoughts in the comments!

  • Skihawks

    I voted The Show not because it is an awesome game but the first on the PS4. If a next gen version didn’t exist I’d say Golf Club only because there are visuals and solid details as to what the game has to offer.

    I am hesitant about RBI only because the Tecmo reboot wasn’t good. I hope they incorporate the original game within the game.

  • Greg

    Looking forward to The Show. I can’t wait to see it on Next Gen. Not really into Golf or Soccer though I did enjoy FIFA on the current gen when I played it at my friend’s house. As far as RBI baseball, not really into arcade type sports games anymore, so The Show 14 is really the only one I’m looking forward to.

  • MoneyMayweather

    FIFA world cup 14 FIFA 10 was fantastic even Pasta can vouch for it.

    • Yep one of my favorite games of the last gen. Led me to getting more into the yearly FIFAs.

    • 49ersfan1

      The 2010 World Cup game wasn’t worth the 60 bucks. It got old after a month. Hopefully EA doesn’t pull another Euro Cup 2012…

  • Luke Randazzo

    MLB The Show. The quality of the game year in and year out is fantastic.

  • Pacoheadley

    I would have voted for OOTP Baseball 15 if it was on the list.

  • Sean Patrick Sinagra

    Do people not like the UFC game because of EA Sports or because they don’t like fighting games or sport of MMA?

  • Rebel

    Even though I don’t have a next-gen system yet, I am interested in how The Golf Club turns out. I was a big fan of the Tiger Woods PGA Tour series but am interested to see if someone else can put out a great game.

    But more than anything, I want to hear more about the RBI Baseball, to see what it’s really going to be.