Press Row Hangout Clips – MLB 14: The Show Release Date Uncertainty and Online Franchise

Posted February 3rd, 2014 at 10:45 am


The most recent Press Row Hangout held over the weekend focused on a number of hot topics in sports gaming from last few weeks. Having broken the complete episode into segments, the two related to MLB 14: The Show can be watched below. The first involves discussion around why SCEA has not cemented release dates nor promoted the game in typical fashion to this point and what that could mean. The second tackles the leaked news of Online Franchise and whether that can work for baseball as well as it has with other sports especially considering the series’ struggles with online in the past.

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  • BeefLoMein

    So much uncertainty around sports games it makes me ill, please someone get me so nyquil.

  • Nov

    Its February 3rd with nothing from them all versions must be delayed.

  • The Show

    From Ramone Russell of SCEA/SDS: There’s no conspiracy or grand design, everything is going according to our schedule for this year. There won’t be any less information about the game than there was last year. The schedule is different this year that’s all, nothing more nothing less.

    • ben

      That comment is not only from weeks ago but says a whole lot of nothing. The game might be delayed or it might not. But now its Feb4th so seems like its going to be delayed and they just dont want to admit it.

  • Pacoheadley

    It’s 2014 on next-gen systems. There is no more excuse for not having a good sim engine nor having hardly any stat tracking in the most stat based sport there is.
    It is time for Franchise to improve!

  • Keith.

    Saw where Take-Two announced yesterday that NBA 2k14 has already shipped 5 million and is the best selling NBA 2k yet. Very impressive. Crazy that a basketball game is the # 1 selling sports game in the US.

    • Skopin

      Press Row Hangout Clips – MLB 14: The Show Release Date Uncertainty and Online Franchise

      Did I miss the part of this topic that even mentions NBA 2k14?

      • CSaint

        You didn’t see it ? Keiths imagination was so strong I caught a glimpse.

  • Jon Gregory

    It’s the only reason i bought a next ten console, for the sports titles, so far it’s been a big let down, now this.

  • Jeff

    I believe the release date for MLB is april 1st according to someone i know who works at gamestop

    • BC32

      your right i have it pre-ordered at gamestop for ps4 it says aprl 1st. Disappointing BUT we’ll take our time for the best they can give us.

      • fantasyboi

        everyone has different dates….Sony hasnt announced the date. That’s who to watch. 4-1 is a holding date….not official

  • Skihawks

    I’m really surprised at the lack of info on the current gen version. I anticipate an April release for the PS4.

  • Guest

    Gamefly sent me an email about upcoming games and it had MLB The Show 14 release on 4/5.