Press Row Hangout Clips – The Golf Club and NFL License Stays With EA

Posted February 4th, 2014 at 11:00 am


Two more segments from the most recent Press Row Hangout feature discussion on one brand new game coming to the market and another series that will continue unimpeded for now.

The Golf Club is taking a fairly unconventional approach in bypassing any licensing – no real golfers, courses, or equipment – and instead opening up to the creativity of the community. It’s essentially an online-only game as all the competition will come from other people. It also will attempt to provide balance by making all the golfers have the same attributes – however doing so could remove some personality and individual strategy.  Are the design decisions smart and can The Golf Club thrive in the current consumer climate?

Electronic Arts recently stated that there are several years left on current NFL licensing deals. The contract had been set to expire this month until an extension was reached. The company however refused to address inquiries on terms of the current deals and whether exclusivity remains. Will the only NFL product be Madden for the foreseeable future or is there a realistic chancee the license could be opened to multiple parties? 

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  • jake

    Good stuff here. It sucks that we are stuck with just one game in most sports even if not a sim one we could get an arcade game from someone else that would be nice.

    • lamar870

      the last football game i bought was nfl2k5 and i won’t buy another until 2k comes back. it’s sad people keep buying this junk every year.

    • lamar870

      by the way i like the backbreaker football game its a different situation every play i really enjoy it.

  • Jesse

    Hey Pasta, I’m a die hard Lions fan with similar affection to what you have with the Sea Hawks. Can you tell me what it feels like to win a Super Bowl as a fan?

    • I’ll let you know when it fully sinks in. Its still a surreal feeling. I’ve just been so happy the last few days!

      • Jesse

        Congratulations by the way and thank you for the response. I think the Lions would be Champions right now if we had Pete Carroll as coach and Russell Wilson as QB, those two are excellent leaders.

    • Brian

      It’s pretty great. Cowboy fans are still talking about their run two full decades later. Usually players come and go, you forget most of them to the sands of time. That doesn’t happen to a team of yours when they win the Super Bowl. Sure Aikman, Smith, and Irvin formed the triplets. But players like Jay Novacek, Mark Stepnoski, Eddie Murray, Kevin Williams, Thomas Everett, Bill Bates (you get the point) remain just as big and important. And the anticipation is the worst in the world come Super Bowl Sunday. Any other time you come and go as you please before the game. Maybe you won’t tune in until kickoff. When your team is in it, you’re glued the whole day. And the programming really isn’t great. And it really doesn’t offer up anything new, but for some reason, you can’t do anything else. Then comes the game, and you agonize over everything if it’s a close game. The 52-17 route of the Bills, good times were had by all. After the Steve Tasker blocked punt it was smooth sailing. But in Super Bowl XXX, where the Steelers lingered the whole game and captured momentum in the second half before timely interceptions, every second you’re shaking. You can’t sit still. You become even more superstitious than you were at any point in your life. Pepsi or Coke? Should I move from this position. How does this at all affect anything happening thousand miles away? Then when that moment comes and you know it’s in the books, it’s like the greatest relief in your life.

    • buckeyeboi

      Seattle is like one big family right now. It’s amazing how sports can bring a community together. I live outside of Seattle and it’s nothing but love here right now.

      • Jesse

        Yeah, I’m not sure how the City of Detroit would react after all these years of losing. I think we would be shell shocked for a long while. Thanks for the responses guys.

  • HB Goo

    If Madden comes out in 2015? What will it be known as since Madden 25 came out last year?

  • HRIV

    I’m actually looking forward to The Golf Club. Like most EA Sports titles, Tiger Woods has felt complacent as of late.

    Though I’m a big golf fan, an unlicensed game doesn’t bother me much. I’m looking forward to the courses people create and I’m anxious to take a stab at creating some of my favorite local courses. I also like their idea of an open golf world. This game looks to have some interesting ideas.

    They should sell it for $40 or $50. It would encourage people to try it out and build a base while Tiger sits out a year . . .