Press Row Podcast: Midwinter Roundtable

Posted February 7th, 2014 at 10:15 am


The latest Press Row Podcast features panel discussion on developments relating to the spring sports games. That includes the announcements of The Golf Club and RBI Baseball and whether they could be the start of a wave of fresh games for the new generation of consoles, the reason Olympic video games are not an attractive project for publishers, the challenges faced by companies creating for next-gen right now and the apparent delay to MLB 14: The Show, and responses to a number of listener questions.

Check out the 99 minute podcast through iTunes, for Android devices with the Stitcher app, or listen to it in the streaming player below!

  • Weekend Roady

    I’ll try to give this a listen as I’m interested to hear your thoughts on the lack of Olympic gaming (outside of the Wii U, at least). I loved these games! I owned all of the prior Winter Olympic games (since Lillehammer on the SNES) and don’t understand why someone can’t just take the license and make a fun party/online title out of it. The real shortcomings of prior releases was the bare-bones quality of them (Salt Lake 2002 had six events, for example). I think poor developers from the get go (which leads to weak sales/weak budgets for successive games) really killed off the sub-genre. If they made an Olympic video game as big as the event itself, maybe this could be a reality. Considering games like these are essentially glorified advertising, perhaps the IOC and host cities of the future can funnel some of the bloated Olympic budget towards a better product.

  • Keith.

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