New Trailer for EA Sports UFC

Posted February 10th, 2014 at 8:30 am


Outside of fighter reveals through screenshots there hasn’t been much about EA Sports UFC since the first features and brief early looks were presented at E3 last June. Today though the company has released a new trailer which focuses on the realism in the fighters. The Xbox One and PS4 game is expected out in May.

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  • dr.3000

    holy shit.

  • Matt Medeiros

    looks pretty amazing, too bad I’m not a UFC game fan. Definitely a Redbox though.

  • Dylan Williams

    Looks amazing! Can’t wait to see how the Career Mode works!

  • Rick

    This looks incredible… a shame was has Happend to live the more i think about all of the great EA games in the pipe lines

  • buckeyeboi

    I think I just crapped myself lol. I hope that the gameplay is as good or better than the graphics. Please don’t mess this up EA!!!!

  • Details

    Graphics are great as expected, but I’m not feeling the 30 fps. Kinda disappointed that they weren’t able to get it to run at 60fps. With this being Next Gen, 60fps should be the standard for all games. Fight Night champion also ran an 30fps which was a step down from Fight Night Round 4. There’s a huge difference in fluidity between the two.

  • Looks great! I hope that is how the game actually looks during actual gameplay. I wonder how much of it was rendered like the Madden 25 rendered teaser trailer.

  • Mason Drews

    Looks great, however, as a longtime Undisputed player…. I’m upset to inform all that “hands-on” impressions have released throughout the web.

    Many have talked about how the game has an “Auto Block” similar to Fight Night… I can live with this. They’ve also talked about the Submission mini-game as well – it’s a four direction version of simon says… it works but can be improved upon in future iterations.

    What’s colossally disappointing though is the fact that there’s no upper body movement (think left trigger lean in Fight Night). There’s an auto block PARRY system that’s a complete joke and is entirely unrealistic. There’s side step counters (think Fight Night Champion side step spam)…. all of that is just a big heap of disappointment… All they had to do was build on Undisputed and give the fans what they want.

  • nphillyk

    Looks good! Hopefully it plays just as good.