Madden NFL 25 Super Bowl Roster Update

Posted February 11th, 2014 at 3:30 pm


To the surprise of absolutely no one, the World Champion Seattle Seahawks benefit greatly from the last roster update for Madden NFL 25 and finish the season rated 92 as a team. The Broncos on the other hand take significant hits and their final rating is 90.

The update was released yesterday on Xbox One, PS4, PS3, and 360. Players for all teams have been removed from the IR and depth charts adjusted. Check out all the details of the final roster update for the season in spreadsheet form here.

Notable risers in the update include Kam Chancellor (+1 to 95), Earl Thomas (+1 to 95), Russell Wilson (+2 to 94), Russell Okung (+2 to 91), Chris Clemons (+2 to 87), Byron Maxwell (+2 to 84), and Super Bowl MVP Malcolm Smith (+3 to 81). Among those headed down are Peyton Manning (-1 to 98), Louis Vasquez (-1 to 93), Eric Decker (-2 to 89), Champ Bailey (-3 to 88), and Orlando Franklin (-3 to 87).

  • HRIV

    Yayy. Who cares?
    I’m just hoping the exclusive part of the deal is up and someone else enters the ring. I haven’t played a football title since All-pro Football 2k8. It’s sad . . .

    • CJ

      EA doesn’t need an elusive license. Once they signed the initial deal, it eliminated their competition for 15+ years.

      It is Madden or nothing, and people’s frustration boils over because we all know it. Sadly, hoping for a new football game is probably naive.

  • nov

    Seahawks should be higher than 92. Historically great defense and special teams, above average offense, and depth at almost every position that no team in the league comes close to.

  • H

    How does manny Ramirez not a hit

  • Chiryder

    Why is Jeremiah Ratliff still being referred to as Jay Ratliff?

  • Ron

    why when you add current roster to a Connected Franchise a lot of players ratings change IE Peyton Manning goes from a 98 to a 96??????

    • I don’t get this, either. It also did it last year.

    • tony

      the rating system in connected franchse is different than the normal way, everything is the same but overall. it takes into account production size, durability, etc. that’s why when you perform well in your connected franchise even without using xp points to level up your overall rises anyway.

      mannng basically goes from 99 to a 93 in all of my connected franchises but i’m getting the update now so maybe he’ll go from 98 to a 91 like last year’s game. it makes sense, this is something they did very well imo

      your younger and faster qbs will rise in rating when you first start while the older and slowers ones will drop, only thing they messed up WRs, the taller bigger guys drop and the smaller guys rise because size is calculated in reverse for them lol

  • Chiryder

    I thought Bennett was a defensive end and Vasquez was a guard. Why would they be facing each other?

    • Bennett does move inside, often in passing situations. Though I think Den’s guards faced some DE pressure too since the strategy was to pressure Manning by crashing inside.

  • Mack

    LMAO at Russell Wilson being a got damn 94….Dude should be an 89 at the absolute MOST