Complete Features List for MLB 14: The Show

Posted February 17th, 2014 at 11:00 am


Last week SCEA discussed the new central features that will be found in MLB 14: The Show. Now the company has released their traditional expansive fact sheet which goes into great detail on everything in the game. The usual release date has been shifted back to April 1st for PS3 and Vita with an unspecified Tuesday in May for the PS4. Continue on to check out all the features and improvements coming to The Show!

Next Generation Baseball Has Arrived – MLB 14 The Show makes its next-gen debut on the PS4 system, utilizing the system’s vast resources to deliver exceptionally detailed and fluid gameplay. With improvements to presentation, a wealth of added animations, and a dramatic increase in environment and player detail, we are setting out to create the best-looking and best-playing baseball sim ever created.

The Evolution of Road to The Show Continues (PS3/Vita/PS4)
First among the major improvements is a completely revamped advancement system, complete with improved logic and the removal of advancement goals. Also being introduced is a new beginning to a player’s RTTS career with the Topps Amateur Showcase, a series of games against other draft prospects. Additionally, the training system, logic, screens and modes have all been revamped to provide users with a more engaging experience.

Other changes include a new player-creation process, the reintroduction of the “broadcast” presentation perspective as an option, and a re-envisioned Catcher Mode, to name a few (PS3/PS4 Only).

Year-to-Year Saves (PS3/Vita/PS4)
For the first time in franchise history, saves can be carried over from MLB 14 to future releases of The Show, meaning that gamers won’t have to worry about starting their Franchise or Road to the Show seasons over in years to come.

Player Lock (PS3/Vita/PS4)
The new Player Lock feature (a.k.a RTTS anywhere) gives users the ability to lock-on to any single player and enter games using the Road to the Show gameplay mechanic, allowing for faster games and more focused on-field action.

Quick Counts (PS3/Vita/PS4)
Users will now be able to play a full nine-inning game in less than 30 minutes, half the time it takes in previous iterations of The Show. Despite the shortened game durations, realistic stats will not be compromised.

Community Challenges (PS3/PS4)
Players will be able to freely toy and tinker with game situations and scenarios on the fly, whether that’s the inning, score, who’s on base, or where the ball is hit. These custom situations can be bundled with a creative set of goals and put forth as a challenge to the community, whether it’s to relive the past, change history, or dream of new possibilities.

Universal Profile (PS3/PS4)
A new tendency-tracking system monitors and records gamers’ unique playing styles. Those patterns are stored in the Universal Profile, which can be viewed by anyone looking to get a quick scouting report on the player. The Universal Profile can also be subbed in in place of a CPU opponent in Diamond Dynasty and Online Franchise, making for more realistic head-to-head matchups when schedules prevent synchronous play.

Online Franchise (PS3/PS4)
Finally, Franchise mode can be shared with friends online, with most of the features from the offline version making the transition, including Scouting, the Amateur Draft, Free Agency and CPU Trades. The mode will remain highly customizable as scheduling, divisions, postseason spots and more are all commissioner options.

Stubs (PS3/Vita/PS4)
Playing games in MLB 14 The Show rewards players with Stubs. Stubs can be used to purchase additional in-game content – like Road to the Show training points – or used in our new mode, Community Challenges. Stubs can be earned in any mode, and they are not required to progress through a mode. You can still purchase additional in-game content through the PlayStation Store.

Diamond Dynasty Extra Innings (PS3/PS4)
In this mode, a player’s team is always looking for opportunities to challenge other users in an offline setting, which allows the user to earn bonus rewards the next time they log in. When online, the player has the opportunity to challenge other user-created teams in an offline game where the CPU controls their team. Players can only benefit positively in this mode even if their team does not perform up to their normal standards.

Dynamic Difficulty (PS3/Vita/PS4) 
Baseball is a sport the dedicated love to master, but also one that can intimidate newcomers. In this year’s version of The Show, players who don’t feel like veterans yet can opt to start on a lower difficulty level and jump right in. An advanced logic system will then grade the user’s skill and adjust the challenge level up or down based on their overall performance. Batting and pitching are evaluated separately, so it’s possible for one to increase in difficulty while the other doesn’t, or even reduces. On-screen notifications will advise when the difficulty setting has been adjusted.

Franchise Improvements (PS3/PS4)
Efforts continue to improve the accessibility of Franchise mode. A new notification system, which keeps the user more connected to their organization and the league, serves as an “Assistant GM” and will make sure critical information is more immediately provided and more readily accessible. Also refined is the logic that helps the multi-season cycle of Franchise mode and all of the stats and developments therein resemble real life as closely as possible. Other additions include a player search and the ability to hire and fire coaches during the regular season.

True Broadcast Presentations (PS3/PS4)
The Show’s presentation crew has taken on a tall task for MLB 14: streamlining the game while enhancing the reality and increasing the variety of the experience. Pace of play is a focal point for the team as we strive to immerse the user in an even more engaging simulation. Heavy emphasis has also been placed on the stadium environment to feature the upgraded crowd actors, jumbotrons, LED boards, dugouts, specific stadium audio and a more engaged, responsive and unique crowd.

On the commentary side, the three-man booth of Matt Vasgersian, Eric Karros and Steve Lyons return for their second season together. This year’s title will emphasize the three announcers in a more interactive, conversational style, yet will also continue to mine the world of baseball to find intelligent, timely and compelling commentary concerning today’s teams and players. The overall goal is for the game to get deeper, and for the announcers to better adapt to changing game conditions — including rising the enthusiasm level when the situation dictates.

Over 40 more enhancements, new features, and improvements!
• New dynamic gameplay cameras for batting and fielding
• New dynamic catch position indicator for fielding
• New baserunning paradigm (New animation core and logic)
• Completely re-done catcher animations suite (over 150 all-new catcher animations)
• More than 90 new batting stances
• More than 160 batting stance re-captures for players who changed their stances
• More than 50 new fielding animations
• More than 30 new pitching motions
• 20 new signature HR swings
• Intro Fly-Ins (PS4 Only)
• New bat boy and ball boy presentations (PS4 Only)
• All-new high-resolution crowd reactions, ambient noise, cheers, etc…. (PS4 Only)
• J*pan League-style and slap-hitter swing types (PS4 Only)
• Over 350 new fielding and batting animations (PS4 Only)
• Team specific, player specific, team generic crowd signs (PS4 Only)
• New RTTS Player Creation options, including the ability to model your skills, appearance, and signature animations after a real MLB player
• New and improved training modes, along with the addition of a new bronze/gold medal system.
• Easier trade requests (RTTS)
• Easier position changes (RTTS)
• Dynamic Potential for RTTS Player
• New injury presentations
• New Player Search feature
• Ability to hire/fire coaches in mid-season
• Notification system that keeps you connected to your team and league.
• New player contract logic that mimics real life
• New overall and potential formula
• Editable potential
• Refined player generation, with more position-specific attribute ranges (Online Franchise)
• New contract decision logic, which factors in contract renewable and arbitration status more heavily (Online Franchise)
• New lineup logic that takes into account secondary positions (Online Franchise)
• Refined trade logic (Online Franchise)
• Retired players stored for every season (Online Franchise)
• More player stats stored for every season (Online Franchise)
• New user management functionality at (Online Franchise)
• Make, accept, and vote on trades through (Online Franchise)
• Resolve and simulate games on (Online Franchise)
• League members can now manage games on (Online Franchise)
• New pitcher/batter status screen
• New pitcher/batter breakdown pop-up graphics
• Cycling help text
• Left-handed infielders
• CPU plate discipline logic has been re-written
• Pitcher can now bring up pitch history using L3 (same effect as R2 for the batter)
• New pickoff cameras
• New assortment of organ recordings
• Completely re-worked Plate Coverage Indicator (PCI)

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    Can we get a stadium creator at some point? Crazy that sony still can’t get that in this game.

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      you can control every team in franchise if you want to?


    madden…..TAKE A SEAT!!!!!!

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    All looks good however I would have liked to see a new broadcast crew. Especially for PS4. Either way, it’s still going to be amazing.

    • Skopin

      The commentary has sounded very fractured in the past, but if they can make the three sound like they’re in the booth together, I’m ok with the same voices.

    • Greg

      I agree. Great game but the broadcast team has gotten stale IMO. They need a new team with more emotion and excitement. Those guys are rather boring even during the exciting plays.

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  • Pacoheadley

    I may end up buying it if the Franchise actually turns out to be improved. I want realistic finances and stats. Not to mention we NEED more stat tracking, the stat tracking in the game is currently horrible, especially for this sport.

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    This game cannot get here quick enough for my PS4…that write up gets me even more excited.

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    Cardinals blow dude it’s all about the Red Sox.

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      I mean I definitely wouldn’t say they blow. They gave Boston a great series. Best run team in the majors if you ask me.

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    So stoked about a lot of these much needed additions!

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    Are there any legends or classic teams on this game? I see no mention of it in this list. Thanks!

    • Skopin

      I would love to see classic teams in The Show. I make the 1995 Indians, Mariners, and Braves every year, so it would be nice not to have to do that extra work lol.

      • Jesus

        For 13 someone made a 2000 or 1999 roster. It was awesome. I’m pretty sure I led the Mets to the world series and it actually made sense lol.

  • Drebo

    I hate i have to wait until may for PS4 but it seems like it will be worth it..

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      Longest 2 months ever….. It’s like an addiction. I’m used to getting my fix the first week in March, and I’m starting to itch knowing I’ll have to wait until May.

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    Solid list and very little to be concerned about. Great effort by SCEA

  • SENZ

    Still no overhauled commentary. Fucking disgraceful. It’s been the same commentary now since like 2007, even with the addition of Karos/etc, it’s still the same ol boring lines/etc.

  • lornne

    Every year they put out these huge lists and every year theres something broken with franchise and online is unplayable.

  • dhall

    Wow. Now, EA can suck a big, fat cock. That’s how you update your sports games for Next Gen. Secondly, the release date for PS4 is not unusual. It is smart. They want both copies for both systems to sell. That is why the date for the PS4 has been pushed. They want to make the most revenue they can. So, quit acting like this is highly unusual or even so as to say that you are bewildered about it. Get your head out of your ass…

  • warrior808

    I’m interesting in seeing what the soundtrack will be this year. Also I wonder if the ps4 will have custom soundtracks and stadium sounds? The ps4 currently doesn’t allow you to add music to the system so maybe they took it out which would suck.

    • Marinersforever71

      Same goes for the Vita version on custom soundtrack for Sounds of the Show. Speaking of soundtrack, here are list of songs that ought to be included.
      Airbourne – Firepower
      American Authors – Best Days of My Life
      Bastille – Pompeii
      The Chevin – Champion
      Eminem – Berzerk or Survival
      Foster the People – Are You What You Want to Be? or Coming of Age
      Katy Perry – Roar
      New Politics – Harlem
      Paramore – Fast In My Car
      Rock Mafia featuring Lauriana Mae – Good Life

  • JuliusRandleUK

    Left-handed infielders lol?

    • Aaron Mckiddy

      may not seem like much but im glad this is in here for rtts. im a lefty and i played infield so it only makes sense to give us that option when creating a player for rtts

  • The Midtown Rider

    Why not pin down a May date? 6th, 13th, 20th or 27th. Why is the release day such a state secret?

    • Two possibilities came to mind…

      They aren’t sure yet. Most likely we’re looking at the back half of the month but they may hope to get it ready sooner. And will have a better idea of it in a few weeks.

      The other is EA still hasn’t announced the official date for UFC. I’ve heard May 20th but that isn’t concrete. They definitely wouldn’t want to release it on the same day.

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    Wondering.. did they include the ability to make custom tracks for each team .. back in 2k’s early days on 360 that was a huge feature that worked really well.. i was able to make walk up music for each player on my franchise team.. it was a really nice tool that helped w/ the presentation of the game…

  • Weekend Roady

    Would like to see a more complete minor league system as we go forward. If FIFA can work with 500+ clubs, certainly they could manage the 240+ affiliated minor league teams. Heck even NHL has about 170 teams outside of the NHL clubs. It would not only be for realism’s sake to add more depth RTTS and Franchise modes, but lots of baseball fans would love to play with their hometown teams.

  • bltzkrieg666

    Does anyone remember back when MLB: The Show 12 came out that San Diego Studios was touting how they were going to factor in weather conditions and that rain and rain outs would be integrated into the franchise.
    I’m not seeing any of that in these list of features. Are they scrapping that idea?

    • Jade Bower

      No stadium creator, retractable roofs, owner mode, rainouts, doubleheaders. 2K EA and Acclaim did these features back in the day. Why hasn’t Sony done any of this yet?

  • mikemck09

    Ok, they got me with this one… I was on the fence whether to be hyped over this game or not… But after this in depth features write up, I am sold… I do not mind waiting a couple of more months for next gen release as long as it is complete and solid… I respect that more than releasing a 3/4 finished product earlier…


    Will All-Star Team have specific team uniforms?

  • Drebo

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    I was looking at all the features MLB 14 the show has and I didn’t see if homerun derby.I was wondering was HR derby not a feature anymore.Could someone confirm for me either way?

  • Marinersforever71

    Wish Erin Andrews also joined MLB 14 The Show as a sideline field reporter just like Doris Burke in NBA 2K Series & Danielle B. in Madden NFL 25 to give insights on injury reports, hot/cold streaks, trade rumors, etc.