What New Feature Are You Most Looking Forward To With MLB 14: The Show?

Posted February 24th, 2014 at 1:45 pm


There’s still over a month until the PS3 and Vita versions of MLB 14: The Show arrive – around three months until the PS4 version – so discussion lately has been focused on the recently announced new features and improvements. The topic was even discussed in the latest Press Row Hangout. Now it’s your turn to chime in with the most anticipated aspect of the upcoming iteration in the series. Vote in the poll below and leave any thoughts in the comments!

  • Keith.

    Saw where Ramone posted this little nugget over at OS last week regarding the new Quick Counts feature — another example of why these guys are among the best in the business:

    “Me and B ma didn’t like the pitch counts getting so high so we spent the past two weeks working on a little something something.
    Fast forward two weeks…………………………

    Your pitchers will now have final counts very close to what you would normally see in regular game.”

    • jake

      Wow good for them. Since im sure their design time before that had been to get counts that you would not see in a regular game. Crack team they have there.

      • Skopin

        I’m going to go out on a limb and say there is more to it than that. I’m guessing it means that if you use the feature, and one at-bat you go to a 3-2 count and end up with a 8-10 pitch at-bat, the next batter will be more likely to see strikes early in the count. It’s a lot more complicated than you’re trying to make it sound.

      • Keith.

        His post was specifically replying to this post from a community member who’s been to SCEA in the past:

        “You also have to remember pitcher stamina is figured differently in this mode. Higher pitch counts are going to be the norm here.”

        So, a couple of weeks ago, the feature wasn’t quite right. The devs recognized it and put in the time to get it right. That’s one of the reasons why their game got Sports Game of the Year last year, here and at OS.

        • Keith.

          And another nugget about Quick Counts from a different dev (BrianAtSD, Senior Lead AI Programmer) on The Show’s forum:

          “Hi, I worked on this feature. You’ll either love it or hate it. The question is what percent of people love it and end up using it. If it’s a high number, we can easily justify more alternative settings and further revisions. If it’s a low number, we’ll probably work on bringing you other features instead. This is all my own opinion and I can’t speak for anyone else.
          Based on our experience with testing 3 versions, it wasn’t an option from a time or design point of view to offer multiple settings on the first release. It was important to produce one best version and make it work the best it could. The alternative versions weren’t satisfactory and spending time on them would have ruined or cancelled the one version we developed. I know this fact because the one version is still being worked on to the last minute, and the other versions required a lot more work to resolve.

          I’m a big proponent of releasing one good feature rather than several mediocre ones in general. One big reason is that after a month of game release we can gather all feedback and data on usage, and that means that your opinion is counted. Isn’t that kind of reality check essential? Without that, we’d just be making too many assumptions and it would be a disservice to you to just offer multiple choices and make you the beta testers.

          There are trade-offs with every method of implementing this feature. But the great news is unlike some features, only people who like this will end up using it. Imagine if this could always be the case!”


  • M3 Commish

    Graphics and load times are winning. LOL …. the graphics are not going to be that much better, if at all .. and load times? I’m just surprised this is winning .. I’ll just leave it at that.

    • rinodino

      Well I voted for the Saves! I can’t believe that is losing??!!! To me it’s bigger than the new systems themselves, finally this will change the sports video game world, I think games that start to do this will see a increase in sales in the years to come. At least to the hardcore gamers.
      Still can’t believe we finally are getting it, worried about the bugs and the glitches because of this though, but they should hopefully have it figured out a couple of years in.

  • loveISaFIST

    Yet people say all madden does is bump up the graphics and nothing else. When a game does give improvement, all the people care about, is graphical improvements.. Sick World

    • wakaaaaaaaaakkakaka

      yo madden graphics still suck, they still look like they are stuck in 2008, you look at mlb the show, it looks like you could be watching a real game. but baseball is easier to do since their is very little movement going on , and faces are not hidden by helmets.

  • Livest

    a release date

  • Skopin

    Hey, Pasta, question about the save carryover. If I buy MLB 14, but skip 15, will my save from 14 carry over to 16?