Press Row Hangout: Approaching Games Coverage in 2014

Posted March 1st, 2014 at 1:15 pm


The latest episode of the Press Row Hangout features special guest Pete Dodd who has started a fundraising campaign for his independently-driven gaming news site. The topic is the state of games coverage today and our personal beliefs and attempts to do things a different way that better serves consumers. This is a show worth checking out whether interested in the entire industry or primarily sports gaming.

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  • CrisK

    That was a great watch. Really do appreciate what you guys do.

  • I’ll get right on a story about how NBA 2K14 is (for the most part) working after 3+ months of release. Right after I do stories on all the other games that are working properly several months after they’re released. The patch news that was supposed to fix many of the problems sufficed.

  • Lake Allen

    It’s sad that more people in the games media don’t speak out on issues and protect the publishers instead. Guys like Bryan and Pete are rare but that’s why people follow them and know what they’re saying is meaningful.

  • Vinnete

    Won’t see talk about the industry like this anywhere else. The Hangouts are one of my favorite things out there right now. Eps like this and even going back to around Xbone and PS4 launch and last E3. Can’t say enough how valuable they are to people like me.

  • Tazdevil20

    There is plenty to discuss about how bad of a game Madden is. Once another football game hits the market, it will REALLY show how bad madden is. It needs to be discussed. Also, I’m surprised that there hasn’t been any buzz about some of the fallout from Coach Ruckus and his revealing of the true nature of the GameChanger program along with the lack of ability of the developers working on Madden. None of this is anything we didn’t already know, but it’s great to see yet another former supporter/employee of the series finally have enough of it and speak their mind publicly.

    • Keith.

      I’ve also been surprised about the lack of discussion here about Coach Ruckus and the other past EA “Community Event” attendees who have recently opened up about what they know. For anyone who’s missed it, here’s the thread at OS:

      • I think it’s pretty interesting to see certain things exposed, but it’s all been hinted at over the years and part of why I chose not to take part in those type of events many years ago now.

      • Tazdevil20

        I’m the one who started that thread Keith. GiantBlue76 is me.