More on 2014 FIFA World Cup Modes

Posted March 4th, 2014 at 7:30 am


While passing on next-gen versions of 2014 FIFA World Cup clearly deflated much of the enthusiasm towards the upcoming title, which every four years is an incredibly popular offering, there’s now just six weeks until release so the push of promotion is just beginning. EA Sports today released larger summaries of the six primary modes featured in the game. 

Road to the FIFA World Cup
Lead any one of the 203 World Cup nations through the qualifying rounds and onto FIFA World Cup glory. Up to 32 players can play locally allowing for a truly customized and unique experience. As you make your way through the 2014 FIFA World Cup, EA SPORTS Talk Radio will provide country-specific tournament updates, including over 50 hours of recorded dialogue that adapts to your team’s performance. Fans will celebrate in the streets at more than 15 different real world locations such as London’s Trafalgar Square, Moscow’s St. Basil Cathedral and even the National Mall in Washington DC.

Road to Rio de Janeiro (Online)
Starting at the Arena da Amazônia in the city of Manaus, Road to Rio de Janeiro allows gamers to take their nation through all 12 of the 2014 FIFA World Cup venues. Like the popular Online Seasons mode found in FIFA 14, online matches will get more and more challenging as you inch closer to the Estádio do Maracanã in Rio and a chance to play for the FIFA World Cup Trophy. Win matches to move forward, remain in a city (division), or be relegated.

Captain your Country
This popular FIFA mode makes its triumphant return. Take an established player and have them work their way up after returning from injury or create your own future Captain and prove your worth on the team. Impress your manager and win over the fans in order to earn that important role of leader. A new auto-positioning system makes Captain your Country more accessible to new players so you won’t have to worry about being caught out of position in key moments.

Story of Finals (Online)
Imagine: England and Italy have just wrapped up a five-goal thriller with the English side winning in dramatic fashion. Everyone in the world is talking about that match. Re-create that stunning fifth goal finish to give Italy the win in Story of Finals mode. An hour after the final whistle of every match, a series of challenges based on the day’s result will be available to play. Replicate a specific score-line, change the course of a match or win a match without conceding a goal. There will be a number of different scenarios available to challenge. Complete challenges to earn XP earned that can be used in FIFA 14.

2014 FIFA World Cup
Compete online or locally and play the authentic 2014 FIFA World Cup tournament. From the Group stage up until the World Cup finals, win your way through the competition and lift that FIFA World Cup trophy.

Story of Qualifying
For two and a half years, over 200 nations vied for a chance to take part in this summer’s FIFA World Cup. Along the way, football fans were treated to some fantastic matches. We saw comebacks, blowouts, and even a few upsets along the way. In Story of Qualifying, over 60 of the most memorable matches can be replayed. Replicate Colombia’s three goal comeback against Chile; score two goals for 10-man France in 11 minutes against Spain to earn automatic qualification are just a few of the scenarios you’ll get to tackle.

Bonus: Additional Modes
Not enough for you? In addition to the above modes you can take on your mates in online or local Friendlies or improve your FIFA skills with 50 new and classic Skill Games. Immerse yourself in the biggest FIFA World Cup yet.

  • AndyinMaryland

    Can’t wait for release day from Amazon. Always a solid game.

  • bemmy

    EA lost so many sales by not doing PS4 and Xbone for World Cup. Almost as dumb a decision as going exclusive to Microsoft with Titanfall.

  • Well it was never going to be just XB1/PS4 (they were in development at one point in time). 360/PS3 still would’ve been out too.

  • Ray D

    Hey Padre,

    Do you think the next World Cup Game will make it to current gen (PS4/Xbox One) consoles? I sure hope so. Disappointed it didn’t this time around.

    • There’s a part of me that feels like EA could make a surprise announcement of a PS4/XB1 version to release in May or early June…but realistically it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen.

      • Ray D

        I have to agree with you on that one. Maybe World Cup 2018 will make it to PS4/XB1. One can only hope. Until (and if) then, at least we still have FIFA.

  • Actually yeah they are. PS4 is past 6 million, XB1 closing in on 4 million. A rabid base of consumers who desperately *want* new games. Even the ports like Tomb Raider are selling well.