More Jerseys Added to NBA Games

Posted March 8th, 2014 at 1:30 pm


Both NBA 2K14 and NBA Live 14 have added a number of jerseys that recently debuted or will be worn soon. Those include a new alternate, Latin Nights, and St. Patricks Day uniform versions. The teams to receive them are the Nets, Celtics, Spurs, Bulls, Heat, Lakers, Knicks, and Suns.

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  • Keith.

    Finally started my 2nd season in MyCareer today and was good enough to earn the covers of Sports Illustrated and NBA2K15, as well as a contract with Addidas. At this point, MyPlayer is maxed out at 97 over all and I’ve got 5,300 VC that I’ve got to find a way to use (blew 7,500 VC on a pair of blue Nikes to use at the Park this morning). There’s no doubt in my mind that MyCareer is the best sports game mode ever invented. For me to play 82 games in MyCareer and another 50+ in the Park, without being a basketball fan, really says a lot. Great stuff.

    • CSaint

      I wouldn’t say its the game, as much as your huge fanboy attraction to 2k.

    • Skopin

      So I got a copy of NBA 2k14 for free about a week ago. I just played my first ever game in ‘The Park’ and all I can say is wow. Straight up dunk fest, and not even fun.

      • Keith.

        Big surprise, coming from you, Skopin. LoL.

        You’re on record around here the past few years for not liking previous NBA 2ks. You’ve never had a single good word to say about this year’s game and admit to actually buying NBA Live at launch instead. Now, you’ve come up with a “free” copy of 2k14 and, not only do you still have nothing good to say about the # 1 selling sports game in America, but you also hate on The Park, i.e., arguably the best new mode added to a sports game in years.

        Wish you had a PS4 so I could be one of the guys dunking all over your brown shirt wearing ass. That is, if you really do even have the game.

        • Skopin

          I’m sorry, I didn’t get it for free; I paid $1.57.

          I didn’t say there’s nothing good about the game. I was simply responding to your post about ” the best sports game mode ever invented.” I just wasn’t impressed. It was not much fun to have to first find a court that had an open spot, then sit and watch someone else play for 15 minutes before I could play a game. Then, when I finally got in the game, it was just dribble crossover cheese until they got a dunk. Then rinse and repeat. The fact that it was make-it/take-it added to that annoyance, especially because when we did get the ball, my teammate apparently didn’t know how to use the A button. Of course, this experience has been the same for any sports game I’ve played online, not just NBA 2k. I suppose it’s just human nature for people to abuse the exploits. It’s why I generally don’t play sports games online unless I know who I’m playing.

          But even offline, the same legacy issues are still in the game, like I said when I saw the first two-minute gameplay released back in the fall. The AI and spacing are still atrocious, especially in My Player. Commentary still needs to focus more on the on-court action. The pick and roll game needs an overhaul.

          Not to say there aren’t things it doesn’t do well. Graphically, it is easily the best sports game I’ve ever seen. It even looks better than the few screenshots I’ve seen of The Show on the PS4. The post game is also done very well. There is a lot of depth, but it is still pretty intuitive. It’s the only basketball game where I don’t mind going to the post. I am also a fan of the shot stick. It’s one of the things that made me buy 2k in the first place. The shot variety is great.

          I guess that’s the difference between you and me. I can look at things from a neutral point of view, and see both the good and bad. I’m not a fan of a single game or company, just the same as I don’t dislike a game or company. I just want a great game, regardless of who makes it.

          • Keith.

            Too much for me to respond to there, but I will say I’m sorry to hear your first experience at The Park was not a good one. The mode’s not perfect — I’ll still get booted off on occasion because of a network error, for example, but I can live with those relatively annoying inconveniences because I recognize 2K’s doing something with the mode that’s never been done before, and because I’d say I’ve gotten a good game in probably 97% or so of the 50+ games that I’ve played in the mode.

            For starters, I don’t mind the initial wait involved sometimes in “getting the court.” In fact, it still blows my mind that I’m able to watch up to 6 other games going on around me while waiting my turn. Usually I’ll have my iPad near me and surf Pasta’s great site (and others) until the game in front of me is over (usually 5-10 minutes tops), so I just haven’t found that to be a big deal.

            More importantly, once in a game (and later, when holding a court), I’ve found that guys who don’t pass the ball to the open shot, and instead do nothing but dunk, generally don’t keep the court for long. In fact, most games I’ve played have been close and a lot of times are won by a deciding 3 (actually 2) pointer. Maybe it’s different on XBone, but somehow I doubt it. I have been mostly playing The Park on Saturday mornings, and at least on PS4, that seems to be a great time (there’s always been 50-65 guys online then with a good mix of guys rated in the 90s, 80s, 70s and sometimes even 60s playing.)

            Who knows — maybe the mode and the game just aren’t for you. But I have to disagree with the last part where you said,

            “I guess that’s the difference between you and me. I can look at things from a neutral point of view, and see both the good and bad. I’m not a fan of a single game or company, just the same as I don’t dislike a game or company. I just want a great game, regardless of who makes it.”

            I, too, just want a great game, and have supported many companies (2K, SCEA, Sega, Nintendo, Natural Motion, Tecmo, and yes, back in the early 90s, EA), who have given us great games in the past. NBA 2k14 is a great game, and I’d just encourage you to see if your opinion changes after spending some more time with it. As it stands, you’l at least have to admit that it was probably the best $1.57 you’ve ever spent. 🙂

          • Skopin

            Don’t get me wrong, I am enjoying the game. I wouldn’t play it if I wasn’t. My entire issue with the NBA 2k series (much like the Madden series) is that they don’t fix legacy issues. I generally have the same complaints from year to year.

            The Park isn’t a bad mode. It’s more about the people I tend to get matched up with. It’s just kinda frustrating to have to sit and watch someone else play a game, only to get in and get cheesed to a loss. But like I said, that’s not a 2k thing; it’s a human thing. It’s pretty much why I don’t play sports games online. But, specifically toward NBA 2k14, I would prefer not to have to find a court to play on, but rather have the game do it for me.

    • Skopin

      Also, the scripted story elements are ridiculous. I just had the coach pull back my minutes because I didn’t perform well enough in the last game. Apparently, 26 points on 13-24 FG, 8 assists, 7 rebounds, 2 steals, and 2 blocks is under-performing. Not to mention I had an A+ teammate grade, completed all three dynamic goals, and led the comeback to give us the win.

      But you’re right. Best mode ever…

      • CSaint

        Dont forget the huge lack of cut scenes in the 2nd season

        • Skopin

          Haven’t gotten that far. The cutscenes have potential, but they need to be dynamic. There shouldn’t be scripted story elements to make events happen (such as missing two free throws despite having an excellent release, just so I can go make 50 free throws in the practice gym).

          In past games, I have made multiple My Players at different positions. I’m most likely not going to do that with this one since it will be the exact same thing, every single time; same rival, same agent, same scripted hazing from my teammates, etc. And the fact that you can’t skip through the cutscenes makes it that much worse for multiple players.

          • CSaint

            Well I am in the second season 1 month away from the all-star game so about 25-35 games deep. I have seen 1 recycled kia cut scene and a new cut seen for me to promote an energy drink. As for Keith getting an Addidas contract idk how he did but i only got the option for jordan and nike which upset me.

          • Keith.

            Not exactly sure how I got the Addidas contract either. I read about it on my Twitter feed when starting my 2nd season, and then when I went into the Champs store, sure enough, all of the Addidas shoes had a cost of $0. The last cut scene I had was with my agent telling me I was in line for a new endorsement with Sprint (I believe it was), but they wanted to first see us win 6 out of our next 10 games. I thought I might already have a contract with them, since my twitter feed had a selfie of me posing with my new phone, but I guess I need to earn that deal with some more wins.

          • Skopin

            I’m not positive, but I think the Adidas endorsement comes with a different agent than the default “friend” agent. I remember seeing someone on YouTube have a talk with some guy in limo about leaving his friend and letting this guy be his new agent.

            Keith, can you shed any light on that? Did you leave the “friend” agent for someone else? Maybe that’s why you got the Adidas contract and CSaint didn’t?

  • MoneyMayweather

    Does 360/PS3 get the uniforms?

  • Greg

    I love how pasta doesn’t mention how 2K improved greatly on their rosters and now update almost immediately. Example, the wasted no time in bring Dion back from injury and they put Granger and Butler on their new teams the next day after they announced it. Ratings have been going up and down for numerous players and injury statuses have been on point when it comes to taking people out and bringing them back in. ALL those articles talking about how crappy they were and not a single good article about the improvements. Mean while Live 14 rosters went COMPLETELY UNTOUCHED for MONTHS before a few days ago. Not a single article written

    • NBA Live 14 is not relevant enough to justify an article on its rosters at this point. It was when I did in December. The failure to deliver on their roster promises will be brought up when discussing NBA Live 15 of course.

      • Greg

        Alright I respect that

    • MBird

      So we need an article patting 2K on the back now that they finally got their shit together and figured out that they could update their own rosters? Come on, 2K shouldn’t have advertised “Dynamic Living Rosters” and then seemingly completely ignored them for weeks/months at a time in the first place. That is why the criticism early on was fair and praising them for doing something they said they would is not needed.

  • Dusty Evans Peterson

    I love how nba 2k14 gives no love at all to blake griffin and kevin love. How can love be rated 86 and griffin 84???

    • Zach

      Both, especially Love are rather mediocre on defense. Love can score and rebound all game but not a player in the NBA is afraid to go up against him in the paint. Being great offensive players and average defensive players…the ratings seem fair. Huge fan of both guy’s but that’s just the truth.

      • Dusty Evans Peterson

        Yea but they got loves off reb at 85. Griffin is like 78 off reb and 80 def reb. Griffins inside and close should be rated better. To many players in the game at same position are rated better than both.

  • snacpac25

    Damn the jersey’s it’s been 5 years in my career mode and have yet to go through any type of contract negotiations