AMA Reveals Some New EA Sports UFC Information Including Time Frame for Release

Posted March 10th, 2014 at 12:15 pm


Creative director of EA Sports UFC, Brian Hayes, held an AMA on Reddit over the weekend that surfaced some new details about the upcoming launch of the franchise. Though initially the company released info on a lot of features very early in the process (last summer at E3) there hasn’t been much since outside of screenshots to reveal fighters included on the roster. Even the release date remains unannounced.

The game appears to be headed towards a June release date rather than the originally targeted May. If EA keeps to “spring” that would mean June 3, 10, and 17 are the possible dates. The first look at extended gameplay footage may be coming in a few weeks, there won’t be fights outside of the respective divisions, women won’t be able to fight against men, there is no mode that features Pride, and there is the possibility of a PC version down the line.

  • Robert Norman

    No fights outside the weight class sucks. Not that I want bantamweight vs. heavyweight, but we should at least be able to fight the next division up or down to replicate matches that might happen in real life when fighters change divisions.

  • B-Dog

    “Creative director Brian Hayes”

    LOL! That fuckin guy is about as “creative” as paint drying on a fuckin wall. He fucked up the Fight Night games so bad with all that arcade bullshit.

  • steve

    MMA is in decline and the last three iterations of UFC sold fewer units every release. I personally thought UFC Undisputed 3 was a excellent game but don’t hold your breath on the sales being strong.

    • Find the Door

      UFC Undisputed series was fantastic. Sales would be better if people could take an asswhooping.

  • B-Dog

    Yeah man that shit he put in a so-called “Simulation” boxing game was downright LAUGHABLE! First of all, the ring walks were so short, and it didn’t even show the boxers entering the ring, the knockdown & stun animations were a joke! The punch sounds sounded like someone closing the trunk of a car, and that annoying train whistle sound when a fighter was hurt! WTF was that? Has this idiot Hayes EVER watched a real boxing match! What really annoyed me was the slow-mo replays DURING the round! That was cool back in 1999 but come on! Brian Hayes is no better than that screwball Kudo what his face, the guy that fucked up all the boxing games before this idiot Hayes took over!

    This is why I know this UFC game will be more arcade than sim, because a dumb asshole is the in charge of the gameplay.

    • cooper2212

      Step 1. Pull down my pants.
      Step 2. Slide my underwear down to my ankles.
      Step 3. Lick your lips real good.
      Step 4. Spread my ass cheeks apart.
      Step 5. Lick my asshole.

      Repeat steps 1-5 until satisfied.

      For bonus points – you can wrap your lips around my hole for a nice wind blow, bitch.

    • Jab16

      I agree with you guys, that Brian Hayes guy is a turd The Champion mode in FNC was such a joke. Can someone please tell me what wishlists that was on? That’s space on the disc that could have been used to really build off the 1st Fight Night and really improve it with FNC. Why this buffoon chose to put in an old Hollywood movie cliche-filled story mode that NOBODY on ANY wishlists I saw asked for and you could finish in less than 3 hours is beyond me. Shows you where this idiot’s brain was when developing this game, stuck in the 50’s and 60’s with the old gangster boxing movies.

      Could have added REAL ring entrances, pre and post fight interviews, dozens more animations so all 45+ boxers won’t share the same 5 or 6 when walking to the ring and being introduced, a REAL ring announcer and not the guy from NBA Live 99, a REAL ESPN Friday Night Fights studio show with the REAL fighters. Weigh-ins, fighters warming up in the dressing room before a big bout, PPV fights that are much different from regular fights, I mean, I could go on and on. I shudder to think what this asshole is gonna do to this UFC game, then he’ll preach that it’s a SIMULATION! Then get mad when he gets ripped on the forums for making arcadish garbage. He got run off the Fight Night forums cause he couldn’t take all the criticism! LOL! What a lil bitch!

      The bottom line is, he was just lazy, and didn’t do his homework on the fighters or boxing in general. He cut way to many corners. A prime example is that he had British Boxer David Haye IN STUDIO doing motion-cap work and STILL gave him the WRONG damn style in the game! How the fuck does that happen when you got the damn guy right there in your face? Haye has the Philly-shell style in the game and he NEVER used that style! LMAO! Is Brian Hayes that fuckin dumb? I guess he is.

      • B-Dog

        Everything you said is 100% correct! He was a LAZY FUCK! And he had about as much boxing knowledge as a fuckin tree stump!