How Important Is Reducing The Time It Takes To Play Baseball Games?

Posted March 11th, 2014 at 12:30 pm


One of the most common gripes with sim baseball video games – and something that many believe prohibits a more mainstream crowd from playing them regularly – is how long each game takes to complete. Often a single game will encroach on an hour and a good portion of that won’t be very engaging. While some other sports may find themselves taking nearly as long they don’t feature 162 game seasons making Franchise mode daunting to advance through without considerable simming of the schedule.

With that in mind MLB 14: The Show is introducing two new optional features that go beyond just removing presentation elements to help make the game more inviting. Quick Counts will throw batters to the plate with a pre-calculated count. Not only will that reduce the time spent for each at bat but theoretically result in more realistic walk and strikeout numbers. Player Lock will allow users to play through a game as an individual player as though it was Road to the Show. That could be especially appealing to those who play through Franchise with teams that aren’t stacked with talent and are building for the future.

Of course taking advantage of either option would mean giving something up. Quick Counts will strip much of the strategy and mind games that go on throughout each at bat and the game. Player Lock will remove the majority of the influence a user will have on a game.

What do you think about these features and the desire to find ways to make baseball games faster to play? Leave your thoughts in the comments and vote in the poll below!

  • KJE

    Would it be nice if games were faster yeah. But youre sacrificing what makes baseball, baseball with stuff like quick counts.

    • jkguy16

      That’s what is great about this. You have the option of whether or not to use it. MLB: The Show has been one of the best sports games around, not just because it is a fantastic representation of the sport, but because of the plethora of options.

      I’ll use it because it makes the game faster and I may actually be able to play more than a full season, and play every single game. Even better, I may turn it off for more important games. OPTIONS!

  • smsixx

    Are the games slow? Yeah sure.
    But at the end of the day I like a realistic baseball simulation…If I find enjoyment in actually starting in a 0-0 count and working against the hitter/pitcher in a chess match (which lets face it…that what real baseball is).
    Despite this I give The Show a lot of credit for trying to speed up their game and make a product that caters to multiple styles of gamer.

  • Wes

    As someone who has played three 162 game seasons over the past few years, I’ll say that a shortened gameplay isn’t that huge of a deal BECAUSE the MLB: The Show franchise allows in-game saves. I can pick up a game, play for thirty minutes, save, and finish my game later….. A franchise like Madden, however, was more aggravating because it took as long and I couldn’t save halfway through a game.

  • Dave Raymond

    I would rather have them let us set the number of games in a season. I remember the franchise mode on MLB 2K8 used to let us the amount of game to as little as 10 games per season. To me that was fun it lets you get to the off season quicker. I like signing all of the free agents and stuff. Even it the games per season was as little as 20 that would be cool.

  • backbreaker65

    The way I presently play in franchise is as follow. 1st 3 game series goes like this. Sim, Play, manage only mode(MOM)or FForward to the top or bottom of the 7th. I flip a coin to determine the order of play. That is only for the first time I play a team Home and Away. Next time I see them in a series I sim 2 games and flip a coin between FForward to the top or bottom of the 7th or Play the game. 3rd time through same as the 2nd time through, and play time reduces the more I face a team. I mix in ManageOnlyMode some of the time.

    I wish we get an answer on if we can player lock more than one player at a time, I’m hoping so. Quick Counts is cool, but I have learned over the years of playing this game to be patient when I a hitters count. But, I welcome the addition of both features, options should never be frowned upon, simply because you don’t know you like something until you try it.

  • Robert Norman

    More ways to play the game are always welcome. I’ll probably try both and see if I still have as much fun as playing a full game.

  • Rebel

    It’s not an accurate baseball sim if the game doesn’t take a lot longer to complete than it should.