First Details on RBI Baseball 14

Posted March 12th, 2014 at 10:00 am


Two months have passed from when RBI Baseball 14 was initially announced and now MLB Advanced Media is finally following up with information on the game. As expected it will be a digital download and feature simplistic gameplay and limited features. It’ll be out for Xbox 360, PS3, iOS, and Android on April 10 with Xbox One and PS4 said to follow “shortly” after those launch. Price is yet to be announced.

RBI 14 will feature two-button controls and the game modes are limited to Exhibition, Season, and Postseason. There is no online play functionality. It apparently won’t utilize microtransactions which is a relief considering MLBAM’s track record on mobile. All teams and licensing are included but rosters will be limited to 16 players. The focus is on accessibility and making games quick to complete.

Ultimately the hope out of a digital download-only sports game that won’t top $15 is to get some fun out of it. The experience isn’t going to be as rich as a full retail release title and RBI never was meant as a competitor to MLB: The Show. Whether this route with RBI will be seen as appealing to consumers remains to be determined.

  • Brian Mann


  • Skihawks

    Hope there is a classic mode. The original was awesome. Simple and fun!

  • Steve

    I’ll probably buy it on ios if its a dollar or two.

  • Ryan Perry

    So, basically still no baseball for XBox users.

  • jake

    look at those graphics ahahahaha. if this game is $5 maybe. anything more is a ripoff.

  • lk

    this player models look like starving people

    • Iown You

      Yeah, that batter is looking REAL hungry…

  • flip334

    As long as it has the same feel as the original I’ll be fine with it. I understand it isn’t meant to be a next gen title, but an arcade style game that will bring back memories.

  • Jason Lewon

    can’t wait

  • BVgre

    No one should be surprised this turned out to be total shit.

  • Frank Drapalski

    For something that isn’t going to compete with The Show, I think more people would have been happy with The Bigs 3. Myself included.

    • I agree but The BIGS also took far more in terms of development costs and resources.

      MLBAM here is basically building a mobile game and then porting it to the consoles.

  • Makin Edwards

    Too Early For April fools Xboxers hahaha

  • bhurst99

    C’mon, this is why we all bought an Xbox One or PS3. Who doesn’t want to drop big bucks on a next gen console for a game with Intellivision level graphics?

  • Details

    2K should bring back Bigs for Next Gen. That game was fun.

    • Iown You

      Man, if they do that instead of football, I will be at their offices with a nuclear weapon on release day. Mark my words.

      • Details


    • Skihawks

      EA did Bigs. You really want 2K to touch baseball? Its baseball games were awful.

      • The BIGS was 2K. Though it was developed by Blue Castle Games (which had some former MVP devs on the team) and not one of 2K’s main studios like Visual Concepts.

        • Skihawks

          What was I thinking? Oops!

  • Rebel

    This sounds like one of those games that would be great fun for a short while, but it will probably get old fast.

    • Keith.

      I’d play it for short periods on 3DS for Vita. Seems like a lost opportunity for them not to bring it to the 3DS at least.

      • You’re not the only person I’ve heard say that.

      • Rebel

        This would be a perfect handheld game.

  • Bill Murray

    you do realize that is dee gordon batting? He is super tiny. This game is going to be sweet. Been waiting awhile to get a simple baseball game back. The Bigs, lol what a joke of a game that was. The only downside to this game is no online, which is where it would have shined.

  • Anselmo Rivera

    i think im going to be sick 🙁

  • pbe

    the pitcher look like he got a du rag on

  • Guest6969

    no online is a really bad decision. Pathetic, too. Won’t be buying for that reason alone.

  • rick

    what a waste of time…

  • Bob

    The game is nothing like the original RBI. Waste of money