Top Rated Players in MLB 14: The Show

Posted March 25th, 2014 at 4:00 pm


While SCEA has generally not released player ratings as a form of promoting The Show consumers who have gotten their hands on the game early have gone about exposing the ratings instead. That’s happened again this year as a member of Operation Sports has provided screenshots of the top rated players at each position for MLB 14: The Show.

Last year MLB 13 featured 17 players rated 99 overall – which was actually down from an absurd 44 with MLB 12 – and 99 total players coming in 90 or higher. The Los Angeles Angels, who ended up going 78-84, had 3 of the 99s and 6 guys over 90.

It appears the ratings system has been dramatically toned down even further for MLB 14. There are only 3 players rated 99 and 29 coming in 90 or higher. Continue on to check out all the players rated 90+ and take a look at those screens linked to above for the rest. 

1B: Miguel Cabrera (99), Paul Goldschmidt (94), Chris Davis (92), Joey Votto (91)
2B: Robinson Cano (97), Dustin Pedroia (94)
SS: Troy Tulowitzki (95), Jose Reyes (92), Hanley Ramirez (90)
3B: Evan Longoria (92), Adrian Beltre (92), David Wright (90)
C: Yadier Molina (95), Buster Posey (92)
LF: Carlos Gonzalez (96)
CF: Mike Trout (99), Andrew McCutchen (94)
RF: Carlos Beltan (90)
SP: Clayton Kershaw (99), Yu Darvish (95), Jose Fernandez (94), Adam Wainwright (93), Matt Harvey (93), Justin Verlander (93), Felix Hernandez (91), Stephen Strasburg (91), David Price (90)
CL: Craig Kimbrel (96), Aroldis Chapman (90)

  • Ryan

    Any word on if they fixed the rating system after one season in season mode? It was frustrating in 13 to watch a player rated as an 88 fall to a 50-something after a season. Also, do we know yet how player pictures are going to be handled in 14? Is it going to be like 13 with the animated faces if you switch teams or will the real pictures be kept no matter what?

    • smsixx

      As much as I love “The Show” I gotta agree with you on this one.
      Im a dinosaur who still enjoys 1p franchise modes…It was frustrating watching Miguel Cabrera slip from 99 all the way to 62 by the time he turned 34 years old…hopefully San Diego studios fixed this bug.
      As far as the player pictures go…it was an annoyance, but not a huge deal for me.

  • BVE

    King Felix way too low. Jose Fernandez are you kidding me.

    • James

      last year fernandez was nowhere near jose stop with this madness

    • Thrash13

      Jose Fernandez is legit and worthy of a great rating. However, I agree King Felix definitely deserves a 94 or 95 rating!

      And where is the AL Cy Young Award Winner Max Scherzer? How’s the Cy Young winner not 90+? I’m glad they toned things down a bit though to make it even more special to be 90+.

    • Wematanye

      Jose Fernandez 12-6 2.19 ERA 6.3 WAR .98 whip 9.75 K/9
      Felix Hernandez 12-10 3.04 ERA 5.2 WAR 1.13 whip 9.51 K/9

      • Thatdude1994

        you forgot to say he also plays in miami

    • Thatdude1994

      felix’s rating in mlb the show 14 is alittle too generous

    • Ryan Schechtman

      Based on last year’s stats I’d rate Fernandez higher too. The guy is a beast.

  • MoneyMayweather

    you believe in the Puig hype Pasta? he’s an idiot

    • Talented but clearly problematic along with that.

      • Bidwellz9 .

        he is young still, i see him being a very good player for a long time

  • alphabet_soup5

    Teixeira an 89? Phillips should be under Utley.

  • Bidwellz9 .

    i know clayton kershaw is the best pitcher in baseball but if hes a 99 darvish should atleast be 97

  • Joey

    What is David Ortiz’s overall?

    • Thatdude1994

      low 80s to high 80s I think

      • willis

        88 i do believe

  • Thatdude1994

    Longoria beats him in infield range,making less infield errors,and infield arm that’s why his rating becomes higher.

  • Jeff Heil

    theres not much difference between a 92 and 90

  • Tom Miller

    Who the fuck wrote this? Where is DH?