First Roster Update for MLB 14: The Show Won’t Be Out Until April 8

Posted April 1st, 2014 at 9:30 am


MLB 14: The Show released on PS3 and Vita today but the wait will continue one week until new rosters are provided. For the time being the rosters included in the game do not represent any transactions that took place after mid-February. Unfortunately that means consumers may feel the need to wait until April 8 before starting up Franchise, Road to the Show, or Season mode.

The first roster update will include signings, player movement, and injuries that have occurred since mid-February along with accurate lineups and rotations to the start of the season. It should also include players who make their debut in the league prior to then. Remember no player can be included in a video game until they have officially appeared in an MLB game which makes them part of the MLBPA.

  • brett

    Just lazy on their part. Every other sports game has a roster out for release day but they say they will take a week? No competition = lazy.

  • Mike

    It doesn’t make that much of a difference.. Most long term franchise players will wait for a custom full minors roster to be created. Especially now with save migration.

  • BZO2

    So basically they wanted us to spend $120-$160 on The Show this year between PS3, PS4 and Vita but I cant even start my franchise until 4 weeks before the PS4 game comes out? Forget it.

  • Jesus

    Well gamestop officially has an offer. If you get the PS3 version you can trade it in for the PS4 version for 20 dollars if you are a Power up member.

  • rod bar

    Drew hutchison where is he?

  • smsixx

    Now everyone will have to wait 5 days to bitch about something else.