Press Row Hangout Clip: No Fighter Share in EA Sports UFC

Posted April 2nd, 2014 at 1:15 pm


In the final clip from the most recent Press Row Hangout the panel discusses the news from EA Sports that the upcoming UFC game won’t have a “Fighter Share” feature. Past titles from the company including EA MMA and Fight Night have included the ability to create fighters and then share them online for others to download but potential litigation is now scaring companies away from support for that type of freedom.

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  • Keith.

    “potential litigation is now scaring companies away from support for that type of freedom.”

    Doesn’t seem to be scaring The Show, NBA2K or The Golf Club away from “support for that type of freedom.” Then again, none of those developers have already spent millions of dollars defending against lawsuits, the way EA has.

  • clubsteve

    if they have decent sized roster then it won’t be an issue….it would be nice to have some classic fighters, but maybe ea will have dlc for that. we’ll see.

    • Ryan Perry

      I believe they said “close to 100” which isn’t great for the UFC. There will likely be 9 weight classes in this game, which come out to 9-10 per division. That’s going to get old pretty fast.

  • Sean Patrick Sinagra

    Pasta I appreciate your work, but you made some comments like “The roster doesn’t change that much, You don’t see much change in the ratings of UFC fighters over the years” that are COMPLETELY incorrect.

    Firstly you said they got pretty much everyone in, which they got less than
    100 out of 300 plus active fighters, so they got less than 1/3rd into
    the game, then took away sharing to make money on DLC

    They said they want to add a feature like living rosters to update stats because UFC has the most random, fluctuating pool of talent in the world with fighters around the globe. After every fight the ratings change and guys get released.

    For video game comparison, the difference in Champion Jon “Bones” Jones in UFC 2010 and UFC3 is ridiculous, as he improved a ton in Real MMA, hence the RATING change to reflect real world improvement.

    How can you say ratings don’t change in the sport where guys are always looking to add new tools like better striking or new submissions? UFC is all about improving to stay on top. WWE doesn’t cut athletes for losing matches, that is why I cannot understand how you could say WWE’s roster changes more.

    Your fear that other companies will soon follow suit and take away features is unsubstantiated, this is EA we are talking about, and EA is known for taking advantage of the consumer and manipulating DLC sales by withholding content.

    • It’s definitely not as dramatic as other sports though. Mostly because you don’t see the same turnover or dramatic changes in fighters since they don’t fight all that many times each year. Over a span of 2-3 years I think you’re right about that.

      • Ridden

        The UFC has more turnover than almost any other sports organization. Aside from the biggest names guys are dropping in and out all the time and one of the common complaints I’ve heard with the UFC is how hard it is to keep track of what’s happening with the fighters.