RBI Baseball 14 Releasing This Week for $20 on Last-Gen Consoles and $5 Mobile

Posted April 8th, 2014 at 10:00 am


RBI Baseball 14 will release as a digital download on PSN for PS3 and XBLA for Xbox 360 on Wednesday. Xbox One, PS4, and Android versions are expected to arrive in May. MLB Advanced Media has treated RBI 14 very much like they would any mobile game by not offering much in the way of details or media prior to release and the lack of it resulted in the complete dissipation of the hype from when it was initially announced in January.

As far as the price goes the Xbox 360 and PS3 digital downloads will be $20 and the mobile version will be offered for $5. Those are both outrageously high. The consoles are getting a port of a mobile game that doesn’t even have online play while there are several good options for baseball games on mobile that have not only been around and proven themselves over time but are free. It’s a good example though of the regard in which MLB places on the value of its license which has prevented EA Sports and others from developing another game.

  • jake

    This game looks so bad.

  • Ross

    You act as if EA wouldn’t make a bad mobile MLB game if it had the chance to. You and I both know they would.

    • EA made a poor MLB licensed Facebook game. But they didn’t charge any money up front for it.

      • Ross

        Didn’t EA release NBA Jam for $49.99 after it failed to launch with NBA Elite? That’s absurd.

      • Ross

        Then EA released NBA Jam: On Fire Edition which was a horrible game from the start. I give credit to MLB Advanced Media for not charging $49.99 for RBI Baseball which probably has more content than NBA Jam.

  • clubsteve

    will wait for this to go on sale for 5 bucks……

  • MoneyMayweather

    Will there be a demo ? On XBLA like always?

  • Weekend Roady

    Hoping someone takes the plunge so we can get some reviews up soon. Was actually looking forward to this to tide me over until The Show for PS4. I was budgeting $10 max on this one, though, and if it’s just a port of a mobile game – no way am I going to risk it (I can’t tell you how much I absolutely hate mobile games, especially sports ones. 99% of the time they just feel so cheap, control like turd or ripoff some other game).

  • Jeff Dypko

    Definitely an, “Oh fuck i bought this when i was wasted?”, purchase. Along with the “You Tryin To Get The Pipe?” t-shirt.

  • Jason C.

    I bought the app for my iPad and it’s fun to play for the 5 minutes I can play it before the app crashes.

  • I think at that point EA discharged NBA Jam: On Fire Edition which was a repulsive diversion from the begin. I offer credit to MLB Advanced Media for not charging $48.99 to $ 50 for RBI Baseball which most likely has more substance than NBA Jam. I would like to say Thanks for sharing this article.
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