RBI Baseball 14 Now Available on Last-Gen Consoles and iOS

Posted April 9th, 2014 at 11:00 am


RBI Baseball 14, the resurrection of the 1986-1995 series coming from MLB Advanced Media, has arrived for iOS devices and as a digital download on Xbox 360 and PS3. Though outrageously priced at $20 for consoles and $5 on mobile, considering how thin the game is on content, it hopes to tap into nostalgia and deliver some fun factor as an arcade entry into a market that has become largely devoid of them. RBI Baseball 14 will also be out for Xbox One, PS4, and Android in May or June.

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  • Trevor

    This game is horrible. Warning people to save your money.

    • Price

      You’re an idiot

    • MoneyMayweather

      it’s awesome and nostalgic you’re the reason why arcade titles don’t sell well wah wah it’s not pretty so it must suck. wah wah I came from the world series baseball on sega genesis generation and it plays exactly the same maybe even better People thinking it’s a sim game like MLB the show it’s an arcade title holy S*** dude.

  • Drebo

    WOW they really went a terrible route with this…. WTF did they throw together…

  • nyr2k2

    i can’t believe how terrible this looks. i understand the nostalgia factor (i grew up on RBI baseball), but this should have been an updated version with HD visuals and smooth animations based around the old-school, arcadey gameplay. this looks like a mobile game that was thrown together over a couple months. shit, i would have preferred they stick with sprites if they wanted to go for full nostalgia. this just looks half-assed.