Major Issues Being Reported With iOS Version of RBI Baseball 14

Posted April 11th, 2014 at 6:45 pm


Though RBI Baseball was designed as a mobile game first the iOS version appears to be severely troubled. That’s not good news for a game that is already perceived to be overpriced at $5. Poor reviews have poured in and a large number of complaints are being seen on social media.

Many users are reporting crashing of the game – and though it seems to be at a higher rate with iPads it’s also affecting those with iPod touch and iPhones. Some people have not even been able to load into a game let alone complete one due to freezes and crashes. Other gripes include small on-screen controls, trouble hitting, inability to save or loss of season saves, and backing out of the app at any point meaning the loss of in-game progress. That is obviously not ideal or even feasible for those who need to use their phones or tablets for other functions and can’t dedicate 20+ minutes to playing a game without interruption.

Surely the game will have strong support from MLB so fixes should be expected in the weeks to come. With the wide array of devices to test for – and the differing experiences that tends to create as opposed to the generally consistent iOS – it doesn’t bode well for those waiting on the Android version to arrive in a good state.

  • Daw

    As someone who wasted 5 bucks on this game take it from me. Even if it works its a ripoff.

    • Ryan Perry

      Haha I was going to say, the major issue being reported must be from the one guy who accidentally bought this game before realizing it was $5 down the drain.

  • Kenny

    Anyone know any fixes? Can’t even get through an inning on my iPad! What junk!

    • This probably won’t get it fixed, but they did post info at the end of this FAQ for those having trouble. Other than that might just be waiting for them to release an update.

      • Anthony Suriano

        I tried the fix with double clicking the home button and swiping up to close any open apps, and this didn’t work for me. I tried to play about 10 times, and a combined total of 1 pitch was thrown before the game eventually crashed each time

  • Jeff

    I’ve been lucky enough to not have any issues on my 5S. I’ve really enjoyed it.