How Much Does The Bruce Lee Addition Matter to EA Sports UFC?

Posted April 12th, 2014 at 1:30 pm


The announcement of Bruce Lee being available as a playable fighter in EA Sports UFC prompted two distinct responses. Some felt it was a huge deal and could sway them to buy the product, while others thought it was silly that someone with no association to the UFC and who didn’t really take part in competitive fighting would be included and heavily promoted for the game. The latter group would be unlikely pass on buying due to the news – the only way it would be harmful is if he was selectable for online ranked fights – so it’s ultimately a net gain for EA.

Vote in the poll below and leave any additional thoughts in the comments. Does the inclusion of Bruce Lee make you more likely to buy UFC or does it have no influence at all?

  • It’s not about a lack affiliation to the UFC, as it is about the fact that he helped Father the notion of mixed Martial arts. It is well known that Bruce Lee’s “Octagon” was the streets. As he was always challenged by other martial artist. Even on movie sets. This is documented.

    • Dave3979

      Don’t buy into that bullshit. None of it’s true. Lee got tough with Judo Gene Lebell on the set of the Green Hornet and Lebell tied him into knots. You’re letting movie fantasy color reality.

      • Lol! How do we know that’s not fantasy? The point is, he was a pioneer in mixing different forms of fighting. Beyond that, it’s a game and gameplay matters more than anything.

  • Crimson

    You have offended my family and the Shaolin temple. Too bad they don’t add Chuck Norris. Loved seeing that guy get his ass whipped.

  • Kevin C

    I would be more excited if he were available without a preorder and without having to unlock him. If he were just there I’d be more excited for it.