MLB 14: The Show PlayStation 4 Live Streamed Games

Posted April 14th, 2014 at 2:30 pm


Earlier today IGN hosted a live stream of MLB 14: The Show on PS4 between with a game between Yasiel Puig and Hunter Pence, some Home Run Derby, and Road to the Show.

It’s far from the best way to represent the game – graphically it’ll look better than the video quality allows for, some questionable skills and knowledge are on display, and Quick Counts are utilized – but it’s an opportunity at least to see the game in action. To watch you’ll have to put up with the host and an all around awkward dynamic so it may be worth considering muting. Skip to the 35:00 minute mark for the start of the archived stream and choose a higher resolution.

Also included is a new video that shows off the revamped catch position indicator with a comparison from MLB 13 to 14. There’s more PS4 footage to check out there.

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  • benson

    Wow that’s just underwhelming. No reason for me to upgrade to a PS4 yet. Ill just get it this coming holiday season.

  • ericcV

    Why dont they ever have people who care about sports games to handle shows like this? That was embarassing to watch really. “Minnesota, the Windy City” has to be one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard said.

  • Details

    Yeah the atmosphere of that stream was awkward to say the least lol. That Greg Miller guy is super annoying & Ramone doesn’t seem like he’s that enthusiastic about the game as if it’s a chore for him to promote it. That said, the game looks really good. My only gripe is that player clipping/morphing still exists smh. They need to add true player physics so that
    we don’t see players ghosting through other players, feet and limbs clipping through bases, etc…The graphics are so realistic now so things like player clipping/morphing stand out as eye sores even more. Hopefully this is something all sports games can eliminate on Next Gen.

  • Mike

    It baffles me that they can’t find competent lead developers which are also sports fans.. The guy in this video knows almost nothing about baseball.. Harry Caray? Never heard of him. Michael Jordan played baseball? News to him. The guy doesn’t know enough about baseball to even play the game he created. How can he make a game to satisfy a customer base that he’s got so little in common with? The same thing has happened to the EA NHL series, with Sean Ramjagsingh..

    • HustlinOwl

      lol Ramone only plays for two weeks after release, no wonder online is trash every year.

  • Jesse

    I’m still 50/50 on this. I mean I’m not hardcore baseball. I usually buy the Show every other year. I just don’t know. A friend said the game runs in 720p and 30 fps. Not a big deal, but I just don’t know. To me it looks like NBA 2k14 next gen where its like wow that looks great, but after the initial graphical buzz wheres off, where will the game be? Just like Madden this year? Faster load times and just higher graphical fidelity? That really bummed me out about Madden this year. I was hoping for leaps and bounds.

  • Keith.

    Shame they “x” button through so much of the great presentation stuff. On the bright side, all of that will be brand new to me in less than 3 weeks now. Can’t wait.

  • UK_Tiger

    It will, the last thing done is optimisation.

    Jesse, your friend has this one totally wrong.

  • D-Dawg

    I hear ya….PS4 is over priced and way over rated.

  • mikemck09

    Honestly, the biggest upgrade I have seen promoted on most of the Next Gen sports games has been crowd and stadium remodeling. I really feel on the fence about it, I am a huge baseball fan and love The Show, but maybe I was just hoping for more this year. Especially with it being on NG. So much more space to work with and they focus on crowds. Yes, it is amazing having life like crowds and sharper looking stadiums, but our attention is about 95% of the time focused on the field and gameplay. Now when the gameplay feels and looks exactly like the PS3 version, I start to overlook the cosmetic enhancements. Even with the graphics being amazing looking, that is sort of a dead give away and should be expected on NG. You’d get the same feeling if you play on a non HDTV and finally get to plug in your PS3 into an HDTV, you’d be in awe over how much clearer it looked, but at the end of the day it’d be the same game. I wouldn’t praise them for a graphical enhancement. So is it safe to say that the NG version of The Show is just an all around sweeter looking PS3 version of The Show? Incorporate the crowds and stadium upgrades in that!

  • Tonyhan9

    I guess I’m in the minority when I say I have no big issues with this game. Do I expect more? Sure I do, but I feel like most gamers always expect more from their favorite games. I’m going in to MLB 14 with the knowledge that it wasn’t going to be a “complete” title because the dev team just didn’t have the time or maybe the knowledge they wanted to. I’m only slightly disappointed that it’s a visual port of the PS3 version, but I expect that for the first year. I’m looking for MLB 15 to really take control of what the PS4 can do.

  • ShawnR

    That IGN host is terrible. Why would you ask if a video game has more pressure than a real game that these guys actually play? While I enjoy baseball video games, I feel more pressure batting in my company’s softball league.