Live Stream of 2014 FIFA World Cup

Posted April 15th, 2014 at 3:45 pm


2014 FIFA World Cup is out today and it would have been a much bigger event had the game released on Xbox One and PS4. Alas EA Sports chose not to do so, which means I’m heading back to the Xbox 360 to evaluate it. Check out a live stream below (which will be archived after to watch) of the game which will include playing a variety of modes. (Update) The stream archives are now embedded below. Will have basic impressions of the game posted later this week!

Watch live video from Pastapadre on TwitchTV

Watch live video from Pastapadre on TwitchTV


    Pasta; why no! EA Sports Ticket for 2014 Fifa World cup Brazil?

    • They’ve killed off the Season Ticket program is what I’ve been told. Haven’t been able to find out how it affects Madden and others coming up who are still on their original year.

  • yea pasta

    two things. first: the chip pass sucks in this game im making a beautiful run with altidore, and my buddy tries to chip pass with bradley….the ball goes like 5 yards (holding down the through ball all the way not falling away or anything) straight to a defender when in fifa 14 that pass wouldve reached altidore, now altidore woulda messed it up since his touch is horrible. second if its on xbox 360 and ps3, how come you can not add a guest online? i thought that was just an xbox1, ps4 thing?

  • pumpiron38

    So I received the game yesterday thanks to Amazon delivery. I like it overall; tremendous graphics and atmosphere. I find the music a little less impactful than the FIFA 14 soundtrack but I get it, they’re adding the Brazilian flavor. The gameplay seems to be stellar through several games in the Road to the Cup mode. Although if I notice one difference, on “slow” gameplay, World Cup definitely seems to play faster and a little “ice like” in player movements than FIFA 14 does. That criticism aside, I see a very high replay potential. Great rosters deep into most of the countries and numerous modes to keep serious footballers and casual players equally satisfied. Another hit here. I wish NHL and Madden had this level of attention to detail.

  • beater29

    If you switch the defense from tactical to legacy this game runs much quicker and more realistic. Whatever the default setting is on this game makes the gameplay so slow and choppy that it doesn’t seem fun. Switch to the other and brand new game! Its wonderful!

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    Watch 2014 FIFA Football World Cup Online Live Here

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    sir thanks for Fifa worldcup 2014 live streaming online

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