The Line Drive for April 20

Posted April 20th, 2014 at 1:15 pm


The Line Drive is a weekly collection of news, links, deal alerts, and updates that didn’t necessarily warrant their own postings.

Make sure to get any entries in for the giveaway of MLB 14: The Show!
Guested on the Doddcast last night discussing general gaming news and impressions.
Check out the latest EA Sports UFC fighter screenshots in the FB album.
The official EA Sports NHL sim of the playoffs has Boston winning the Stanley Cup.
The official NBA 2K14 sim of the playoffs has Oklahoma City winning the championship.
New tutorial video shows how to edit fairway attributes in The Golf Club.
Dude is really enjoying himself playing a self-designed course in The Golf Club.
An update has been released for the mobile game 9 Innings: 2014 with updated rosters.
The 3D mode isn’t quite ready to go live with the launch of Out of the Park Baseball 15.
EA Sports has released a Playoffs content update in NBA Live 14’s Ultimate Team mode.
A trailer has released for the Warhammer-football mashup sequel Blood Bowl 2.
Recent Xbox One update made various improvements to the system.
New update coming to the PS4 will add Sharefactory and game pre-downloading.
Drew Brees’ foundation is raffling off a dinner and special SB XLVIII designed Xbox One.
The Arizona Diamondbacks will wear Kansas City throwback unis in a game this week.
The Washington Huskies revealed the new football uniforms that will debut this season.
Atlanta has been granted an expansion MLS franchise to start in 2017.
Amazon still has the Titanfall Xbox One bundle for just $450 w/promo applied at checkout.

  • Pete

    Nothing on the new madden?

    • Not yet. Seems they’re holding back possibly to coincide more with next month’s NFL Draft.

      • Pete

        Do you believe it could mean a major change maybe with gameplay? I think this new physics engine is a good foundation but it’s time that they incorporate arm tackles and do something about players legs going limp on contact

        • Iown You

          “I think this new physics engine is a good foundation…”

          • Pete

            Clever but childish nonetheless. The facts are there this is a system that is here to stay, they have a lot to tune and work on but as a lifelong madden player and football player I see potential if it’s built correctly. Fifa’s physics system was trash it’s first year. Unlike many I understand the difficulty in creating a physics system that accounts for the push and pull of each part of a players body which needs to be done to create a full football sim but I do believe that it can be done with these next gen consoles

          • Skopin

            They would have been better off trying to buy out Natural Motion and tweaking their engine from Backbreaker. The player interactions and physics in that game was better than anything we’ve seen in Madden.

          • Iown You

            Exactly, Skopin. Infinity is a joke compared to Euphoria. It’s like comparing a Rolls Royce to an AMC Gremlin. The Gremlin will get you there, but you’ll be embarrassed to be seen in it.

          • Iown You

            >>>>”Clever but childish nonetheless.”<<<>>>”The facts are there this is a system that is here to stay,”<<<>>>”they have a lot to tune and work on but as a lifelong madden player and football player I see potential if it’s built correctly.”<<<>>>”Fifa’s physics system was trash it’s first year.”<<<>>>”Unlike many I understand the difficulty in creating a physics system”<<<<

            Unlike most, I actually produced games for a living for over a decade and worked with every industry standard RTP both 2D and 3D. One thing I know for certain is this: Infinity is inferior based on what we've seen of it. But I'll take it a step further and state that RTP's in football games are not as great an idea in practice as they are in theory for a mountain of reasons, and every football game that's used it has proven that.

            The best animated football games ever made didn't need RTP. Shout out to 2K Sports and their past football dev team. If you animate properly, everything else falls into place. Madden's issue is with its core animation system. They need to address that first and then worry about RTP once they've nailed it.

          • Pete

            I don’t discredit your knowledge of games since you’ve produced. I’m merely speaking from a football standpoint. I loved 2k5 more than any outer football game and I’m not blind I see that madden lacks innovation but my point is that we got to this point in madden hatred because they got lazy complacent and started things they never finished… All I’m saying is that they should finish this system rather than ripping it up AGAIN and waiting 3-4 years to tweak it and get it right. I see potential in this, I’d rather they reach that then blow everything up and deal with another 3 years of lost development

          • Iown You

            Okay, I see your point there. I agree, I don’t think another tear-out is a good idea, especially considering how often they’ve gone down that road with other things over the years.

            I’m just fed up with Tiburon. The game’s potential is there, but I’m tired of potential. I want to see the full tilt realized. I just can’t see it happening with Tiburon at the helm. They’ve gone with the most micro of incremental methodology; they appear poised to milk it forever and I just can’t respect it.

          • Skopin

            I would still love to see an NFL game with the Euphoria engine. Of the three football games (Madden, 2k, and Backbreaker), they all had things I liked. I love Madden’s controls, especially the right stick controls as the ball-carrier. 2k obviously had the best looking animations and great presentation. And Backbreaker’s motion engine has so much potential; it’s a shame they only released one game for the major consoles. What they had was more than a simple RTP engine. It was a complete movement simulation that actually had adaptive AI built in. I think all sports games could benefit from that.

          • Iown You

            The RTP in BB was nice albeit with a ton of inherent problems that come with using an RTPe for football, but NM’s standard captures really needed work. As far as animation, that was BackBreaker’s achilles heel. NM did tweak them in the Greathouse patch, but it didn’t do much good because the foundation of the captures were bad. The throwing animation for example was sped up, but it still looked ridiculous. I mean, speeding up a bad capture can sometimes improve its look depending on the type of animation it is, but often times it doesn’t do much to improve it like in this case.

            As an aside, NM was sold to Zynga and I heard Ian Cummings works for Zynga now. Unlikely to happen but it would be interesting if some kind of assignment could be worked out with NM on a new football game. His take may be a better fit for an unlicensed football game where being creative is paramount and he has more experience than any of them.

  • Matt

    Pasta, you could have a column of all the interesting stuff not being announced, such as the haze surrounding NHL and Xbone and PS4

  • Keith.

    When the new monthly NPD numbers were released this week, all of the attention was on PS4 outselling the XBone in the month when Titanfall was released. Lost in all of that was the fact that NBA 2k14 came in at # 7 (up from # 8 on March 2013’s chart). Also lost was that it continues to sell best on the 360 and the PS4, which looks as though it will clearly be the “sports gamer’s” system of choice. It’ll be interesting to see if EA continues its practice from last generation of developing on the 360 and porting over to PS3, or if the PS4’s sales dominance will force them to develop on PS4 and then port over to XBone.

    • Skopin

      I would have to think EA’s partnership with Microsoft will prevent them from making the PS4 the primary development platform. But the two systems are much more similar than the PS3/360, so it shouldn’t make too much of a difference which is the primary console for multi-platform games.

      • From what I’ve been told that partnership with MS was just a one year thing. I won’t be surprised to see them lean Sony more going forward.

        • Skopin

          Was not aware that the deal was only for one year. Forget what I said then lol.