Press Row Podcast: Examining The FIFA Franchise and Out of the Park Baseball

Posted April 25th, 2014 at 1:45 pm


This somewhat unique episode of the Press Row Podcast features three distinct segments and some special guests. Jeremy Stein and Corey Andress join Rich and I to discuss FIFA in two of them. Up first is a review roundtable for 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil. That is followed by bringing on PR Manager for Out of the Park Baseball, Brad Cook, to talk about OOTP 15 and iOOTP ’14. Finally another FIFA segment which includes extensive discussion on the EA Sports series as a whole and where it should go in the future.

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  • Keith.

    So you bring on an EA Game Changer and a former Tiburon employee to take part in a round table discussion about EA soccer? What’s next, bringing in Ronnie2k for the NBA2k15 review, or Peter Moore for Madden?

    And nobody even mentioned their ties to EA. How many free meals (or paychecks) have these guys gotten from EA over the years? How’s this not a conflict of interest? Didn’t it even occur to anybody that the bias should be disclosed?

    Can’t believe OS would allow this kind’ve stuff to happen with something they sponsor. Well, yes I can, considering all of the OS Mods who have gone on to land jobs with EA/Tiburon over the years. EA’s slimy grip on the entire sports game media industry is ridiculous.

    • Bave_MV

      Youre the least credible most biased person there is you are criticizing other people lol. So what in the podcast did you disagree with? There was balanced talk about what Fifa is good at and what it isn’t. I’m glad they put together this show and everyone on it had smart points to make.

      • Keith.

        There’s a reason why rules of ethics require that conflicts be disclosed. EA’s never played by the rules, however, and yet there’s always going to be fools like you defending them. Guess you prefer keeping consumers in the dark? Wonder why.

        • Bave_MV

          You didn’t listen to the podcast so why are you commenting on it? The one guy mentions he’s a Game Changer and the other one how he used to work on Madden. Which has no relevance to their comments on the games anyway. But there you go.

          • Keith.

            At the end of a 2 hour podcast? When you enter the real world, you’ll learn that proper disclosures belong up front. And it has everything to do with their comments on the game. If you don’t think it’s relevant to know how many free meals, trips, jumps in the ball pit, free games received, celebrities met, etc., these guys have received over the years, in connection with their “thoughts” on the game, then I don’t know what else to tell ya.

          • ReallyBrah

            Well, can you disclose how many free meals you got after the cleanup job 2K had you running during the VC fiasco. Couldn’t count a time when a 2K (or non-2K thread even) came up and you weren’t posting locker codes or unwanted reviews of how great The Park and Gatorade(TM) is for drinking after a nice session of The Park.

          • Keith.

            Sorry to disappoint you, “brah,” but I’m not the one who’s got to live with “Paid Advertiser” stamped across his forehead for the rest of my life, like these EA Game Changer clowns do. I don’t have an affiliation with any of these companies, and never have. Any thoughts expressed truly are my own. Can you say the same thing, or are you one of the 60+ Game Changers out there, “brah”?

          • ReallyBrah

            I never said they weren’t your thoughts man. I just said that those thoughts were sponsored by 2K Sports. I mean, seriously what was up with your vehement defense of them during their sloppy job with the VC here a few months ago. Or how about you completely disregarding the OOTP Staff Member invited to the podcast?

            You might not have to live with a paid advertiser stamp across your forehead “brah”, but you’ve definitely got that type of reputation around here.

    • Rich Grisham

      Keith – I think it’s beyond a stretch to call this a conflict of interest. We’ve had hundreds of guests on the show since its inception, from every possible angle. People that work for EA and 2K, people that have no affiliation to any game publisher, and people in the middle. We’ve had people bash Madden and NBA 2K, and people sing the praises of the games. We’ve had spirited debates about every single sports game franchise.

      Jeremy worked at Tiburon a decade ago, and hasn’t had any affiliation with them for many years. He plays tons of FIFA, more than anyone else we’ve ever had on the show, with possibly the exception of Corey. Corey is another die-hard FIFA guy who has tons of experience with the game as well. They bring more to the table on this game than anyone we’ve had on before. Yes, Corey is a Gamechanger, but if I thought he would be anything but forthright on the show I wouldn’t bring him on. You can tell when you listen to these two.

      I wear my likes and dislikes on my sleeve. I have no affiliation with any publisher or hardware maker. I play tons of Madden and tons of NBA 2K. I used to play the 360 exclusively and now play the PS4 exclusively. Companies mean nothing to me; good games do. I rarely take offense to anything you post, but to imply – or outright state – that I or this show is unethical is patently untrue.

      I can’t help it that EA makes most of the sports games. I can’t help it that I really like the PS4 Madden and FIFA, or that I really like PS4 NBA 2K14 even though I really dislike some of the VC stuff.

      It’s of no value to me to be a mouthpiece for anyone. I like what I like and dislike what I dislike, and I talk about it all the time on this (and other) shows. And the people I bring on are the same way.

      • denny

        Rich you’re making the mistake of replying to Keith. No one takes him seriously.

      • Keith.

        C’mon, Rich. I love the show, and think you’re a great host. But as a professional, you know that you don’t bring on a couple of guys who are going to recommend the game, and leave it up to them to mention their EA ties. I knew I recognized Stein’s name from somewhere, but it took googling him and seeing his LinkedIn account to know where I recognized his name from. You can’t leave it up to the consumers to discover on their own any biases that might affect their recommendation.

        And the other dude is among the most vocal EA Game Changers around — the dude’s got a picture of him and Andrew Wilson on his twitter page for crying out loud. And his website? It was set up by Game Changers — a total of 5 staff members on the site, and all 5 are Game Changers — and their ties to EA are well known. Why not announce their ties to EA at the beginning, and inform the consumers up front, if there’s really nothing to hide?

        At the end of the day, it’s you guys’ show — do whatever you want, I don’t care. Have Peter Moore on to talk about Madden — maybe then we’ll learn the answers to some of our decade old questions. But I’m confident you’d know to announce his affiliation with EA, for anybody who wasn’t already aware. Shouldn’t be any different for a Game Changer, who’s eaten more on EA’s dime than the rest of us put together, or a former Tiburon employee, who worked on Tiburon football of all things. Just comes across as extremely unprofessional, and you’re a LOT better than that.

    • ReallyBrah

      No mention that they brought in the PR Manager for OOTP to talk about OOTP 14 from you. Did you not have a problem with that too? Or is it just because you’re only here to push an agenda?

  • Jrkk

    Great show guys. Lots of really good insight on FIFA. Hopefully EA listens to it.

  • Duane

    One thing not brought up was the omission of the “Tournament” mode from the PS4/XBox One versions of FIFA 14. This mode is in the PS3/X360 but not in the new gen versions. This was the reason I didn’t buy FIFA 14 for my PS4 seeing as I am not an online player. I know Rich discussed in the podcast of basically wanting a more casual version of Career mode and Tournament mode might have done the trick. It’s almost like Season mode in NCAA 14. I am hoping that this mode will be added back to FIFA 15 for PS4. It was kind of underhanded how EA never mentioned that this mode was not being carried over to the next gen versions and most gaming reviews never mentioned it either. It’s an important mode for offline (and more casual) gamers.