The Line Drive for April 27

Posted April 27th, 2014 at 10:30 am


The Line Drive is a weekly collection of news, links, deal alerts, and updates that didn’t necessarily warrant their own postings.

Make sure to get entries in for the MLB 14: The Show PS4 giveaway drawing this week!
Troy Daniels, the Rockets game three hero, is not even on the NBA 2K14 roster.
There will not be a demo offered for the PS4 version of MLB 14: The Show.
EA Sports was in scanning Seahawks player heads for Madden NFL 15.
Operation Sports looks at how online play has not improved for MLB 14: The Show.
Out of The Park 15 is now available on Steam and for a limited time for 10% off.
An attempt at a simulation baseball game for mobile devices is in development.
Developer blog takes a look at what has gone on during early release of The Golf Club.
Latest tutorial video demonstrates editing tee attributes in The Golf Club.
Polygon examines why arcade sports games have gone largely extinct.
SCEA posted images of controller skins to choose from w/MLB 14 Amazon pre-orders.
PES 2014 will be offered as a free PS+ game in May for PS3.
Game Informer posted an extensive wish list of improvements for NHL 15.
Business Week looks at the smartest and dumbest spending franchises in sports.
Check out a video of the best videobombs of the season put together by the NBA.
Amazon Instant Video will be adding HBO content for the Prime streaming service.
Not much, just Legend of Hercules and Labor Day, as DVD/Blu-ray releases this week.

  • Keith.

    In other news, Madden super fan jpdavis reported over at OS this week that Victor Lugo has left EA Tiburon to go work at IronGalaxy Studios.

    For anybody who doesn’t recall, Victor Lugo has been one of Tiburon’s public faces for Madden the past few years, and is the guy credited with designing Madden’s newest “tackling engine,” among other things.

    According to his LinkedIn profile, which hasn’t yet been updated, Lugo looks like he had been a key guy in Madden’s and NCAA’s development, having listed these as his “projects” while at EA:

    Madden NFL 25 (Gen 4)
    PO and Design Lead – True Step Locomotion system, Ignite Physics, Player Sense Expansion

    Madden NFL 25 (Gen 3) –
    PO and Design Lead – Infinity Engine 2, Force Impact System, Precision Modifier, Player Sense, Defensive Assist Controls

    NCAA Football 14 – August 2012
    PO and Design Lead – Infinity Engine 2, Force Impact System, Ball Carrier Combo Moves, Locomotion

    Madden NFL 13
    PO and Design Lead – Infinity Engine, Kinect

    NCAA Football 13 — November 2011

    So what does this mean for the future of Madden football? Who knows. The only thing for certain is that nobody in the mainstream sports gaming media knows, or wants to say a word, about his departure.

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