More Vague Madden NFL 15 Features and First Pre-Order Incentive

Posted April 29th, 2014 at 4:30 pm


Yesterday EA Sports officially announced Madden NFL 15 with a teaser trailer and mention of “immersive defensive gameplay controls” and new broadcast presentation. Another cover vote was also announced to begin along with the NFL Draft in May.

Now a summary provided to retailers has revealed a few other details to be expanded upon later:

♦New player lock camera angles.
♦New pass rush tools.
♦New open-field tackling mechanics.
♦Smarter AI.
♦Enhanced on-field graphics.
♦In-depth player profiles.
♦New crowd-sourced play calling system (coach suggestions, community picks, concept plays).
♦Dynamic pre-game and halftime shows.

Gamestop has also posted a pre-order bonus for the game offering $15 in Ultimate Team content. It’s unclear if this will be a retailer-wide incentive but it very well could be as Gamestop has not stated it as an exclusive. This has become a more common tactic from EA in the last two years, providing credit for use in Ultimate Team, with the hopes of hooking in more consumers by getting them started with the mode that they may have not stuck with for long or bothered with at all.


    All aboard….

    • Makin Edwards

      Exactly After A While its like yea yea yea im not a kid anymore

  • tc

    weekly shows as well such as top plays and highlights and talk about the playoff push midway in the season and i will be happy

  • Iown You

    ♦New player lock camera angles. = NCAA feature, good.

    ♦New pass rush tools. = So basically, modifier but for defense?

    ♦New open-field tackling mechanics. = Whatever

    ♦Smarter AI. = Could it be dumber? Had a team down by 6 with 30 seconds left and they PUNTED… PUNTED… INSIDE MY TERRITORY!!! I couldn’t believe it.

    ♦Enhanced on-field graphics. = Snore

    ♦In-depth player profiles. = Will be useless outside of Play Now, you’ll see.

    ♦New crowd-sourced play calling system (coach suggestions, community picks, concept plays). = Why?

    ♦Dynamic pre-game and halftime shows. = Heard it before, but have yet to ever see it delivered.

    No mention of fixing those goofball animations in the game. Why? Because you know they did nothing to fix them.

    • Details

      Yeah EA needs to make player movement & animations more natural & lifelike. Not only that but Madden desperately needs SIGNATURE ANIMATIONS (not just sig QB throwing styles)! My biggest issue with Madden is that all players feel & animate so similar especially running backs. All backs should not carry the ball the same way (Shady McCoy carries the ball wide & away from his chest in real life, etc..) The game starts to feel scripted & predictable after a while because of it smh. Bring back SIGNATURE RUN STYLES EA! Time to step it up! No more excuses!

  • UnfrozenCavemanGamer

    If that is the only preorder bonus then I won’t need to preorder. Offering me $15 or $1000 in content for a mode I am not interested in is the same. It is like not offering anything at all. Those who are interested in the mode don’t need incentive. Those who aren’t interested in it, no amount of incentive is going to matter.

  • baumy300

    Like with all Madden news, I will remain skeptical.

    However, the fact that they seem to be addressing the pass rush and defense in general gives me some optimism.

    And the player profiles could be pretty sick as well.

  • Brandon

    I want better personalized features for creating a player or coach. Game face has to be added.

    • David Richter

      Especially with Kinect they should be able to do game face really well. For heaven’s sake line up every NFL player and scan them with Kinect and really make the next-gen version of Madden 15 accurate as to player features.

  • Dylan Williams

    Pre-game and halftime shows sound interesting. Hopefully, it comes close to what NFL2K5 did. I’d also like to see something similar to the Extra Point weekly show Madden had a few years ago.

  • shawn guzik

    the more I see madden and being late this year tells me I see NFL 2k coming back. Oh my gosh do I want a nfl 2k game. If nba is nasty I can just imagine how good nfl 2k would be for graphics wise and gameplay..
    When 2k game out on dreamcast it was simple amazing and the crowd was awesome. Madden to me has fell in love with being boring and too arcade. When older versions of madden has smaller guys, the gameplay was great but now guys don’t move right and from a graphics standpoint I still feel they can do way better
    Please 2k come back please

  • Ridden

    Another assisted play calling system? How many times are they going to take “Ask Madden” and repackage it?

  • MoneyMayweather

    yeah man NFL 2k15 is coming this fall.

  • Nick

    “Improved AI” . No shit.

  • Love Is A FIST

    2k … 2k .. 2005… 2005.. 2k.. exclusive.. nfl.. competition.. 2k.. 2k.. NBA 2k looks good.. Animations are still horrible. Passing is gross. Online is poo. I sure hope they bring all these features into their football game.. It will look good though.. So theres that.. 2k.. 2k.. 2005.. 2k.. best.. 2k.. amazing.. 2005.. 2k.. 2k.. All pro Football 2k8: oh wait nevermind that turd.. It NEVER happened.. 2k.. 2k.. 2005.. 2005.. great.. amazing.. I played it last week at a friends house and it really doesnt hold up. Only thing from that game i wish they would take into madden is the mashing turbo to break tackles or make the tackle.. Kinda a cool little mini game between people.. 2k.. 2005.. 2k.. nfl rights.. 2k.. 2k.. EA sux.. 2k.. 2k.. 2k.. 2k..

  • Adam Lathrom

    So nothing new basically. I’ve been asking for online co-op in franchise for years. NHL and Fifa do it.

  • hotep

    all i care about is them fixing the issue with triangle (ps3)…im tired of going for a pick or a catch only to have my player run under the ball without even trying to catch it….sometimes they just stop running and squat…wtf?!

  • Surprised this news didn’t come out the Day of the Draft. Can only hope that means there is another football game from any company in the works. I doubt it though.

  • Chiryder

    I just want to know how they’re going to fix that BS Connected Careers crap.

    • What don’t you like about it? I think most people were pleased with it in M25.

  • awesomeMo

    Madden needs an extreme makeover. The game has looked exactly the same for 5 years straight. Look what MLB the Show, or NBA 2k have been able to do in such a short time jumping to next gen. They are so far ahead of Madden when it comes to looking good that it isn’t even funny. Madden still looks like a game at your local arcade.

    • bear

      ????/ The same go back 3 years it was overhauled right before 3 or 4 yr plan there onthrowing away everything isnt always the answer ask the NBA live crew

  • Donald Griffith

    Just bring back offline franchise draft. For the love of God, just let me draft my own team and play them in franchise already!

    • shar

      you can you clown.