Kevin Durant Announced as Cover Athlete for NBA 2K15

Posted May 6th, 2014 at 4:15 pm


On the same day Kevin Durant was officially named league MVP, 2K Sports has announced that he’ll also be on the cover of NBA 2K15 due out on October 7. It’ll be coming to the Xbox One, PS4, PS3, 360, and PC.

This will be the fourth video game cover for Durant. He appeared on NBA 2K13 (along with Blake Griffin and Derrick Rose) and March Madness 08. He was also set to be on the cover of NBA Elite 11. When that was cancelled he found out through Twitter which soured his relationship with EA Sports and he became a natural fit as a spokesperson for the NBA 2K series.

The image released along with the announcement could suggest a bigger focus turned to the online mode “The Park”, which has been met with lukewarm response from the community, and the “Your Time Has Come” slogan may be referencing individual MyPlayers.

  • nov

    So tired of 2K focusing on fantasy instead of today’s NBA. Too much time spent working on the career mode, the park so they can sell more vc, myteam so they can sell more vc, and even all the legends stuff.

  • Keith.

    Can’t wait to see what else they do with the Park — that and Challenge of the Week (The Show) are the 2 most under-rated modes in sports games today, IMO. Great stuff.

  • WesT3

    If they treat this like a $60 FTP game again I’m out. 2K14 was the worst console game Ive ever seen in forcing people to pay money to have the full experience.

    • Khadeem

      I absolutely agree…the game is terrible….they took control away from the user…there are too many unbreakable animations…the shot success is extremely questionable….the rebounding is still broken….they still dont do a half decent job of updating the ratings of the players…i cant even play the game anymore man…its dissapointing

  • Nathan Shane Long


  • hungryandrew

    The game wasn’t perfect, but it was definitely a good game, don’t understand all the bogus criticism towards the game.

  • bltzkrieg666

    You are missing the point. Its not about “having to pay”. It’s about “paying to win” so to speak. Every game that has a virtual cash market thrives upon making a game tedious in an attempt to make the player want to spend real money on virtual currency. So YOUR having the full experience is solely your take on the situation and in no way paints the picture for many other players. The fact that so many game modes had VC ties, has turned off many players. The fact that these game modes required server access and those servers were down for long periods of time further drove a wedge into the fan base. It is totally understandable that the fan base is upset with this.

    • odog

      you gotta be one broke son-of-a-bitch not to be able to afford one $20 psn card. That’s all you need to get your my player up to par with the rest day 1. cmon man 20 bucks. that’s a pizza

      • MyNameIsMyName

        I don’t know where you’re buying your pizza, but I can tell you you’re getting ripped off. At best $20 is another full game experience, and at that, why should I have to pay $20 to get up to par with everyone else? On the flip-side, why should I have to put in a month’s worth of work, only for some guy who got a $20 PSN card to turn into Lebron James and be at my level.

  • bltzkrieg666

    His time came when he was the cover boy for NBA Elite 11. Now he is going from one broken game to another. LOL, some people just never learn.

  • You’ve admitted you don’t play MyGM or MyTeam, so why do you keep commenting on this issue? If you aren’t actively playing all the modes you don’t have the proper context to speak on it.

    • Keith.

      MyTeam is equivalent to Ultimate Team. Don’t see how anybody could complain about spending $ in that mode (that’s what the mode’s about, after all).

      As for MyGM, I haven’t seen anybody complain about VC with that mode since a week or two after launch. And the people I saw complaining weren’t using the app to get free daily VC, so that was their own stupidity.

      So yeah, when I see the NBA Live guys keep regurgitating the same nonsense, I’m going to continue to speak up.

      • MyNameIsMyName

        The point is, why should I even have to use an app if I want to play a mode? I don’t have a smartphone, so I’m just up a creek without a paddle then? The fact that I have to utilize another program, not to supplement my game experience, but to arrive at the base game experience is bad. If the app was like GTA V’s where you could screw around with Chop and make your own licenses plate, that would be cool, but to get the prime amount of VC needed to say buy a team or construct the integral buildings for MyGM then I have to use a secondary program for a device I don’t even own? That’s convoluted.

        You call everyone who criticises 2K NBA Live fanboys, I like the game, play it a good amount but to say that the VC integration wasn’t sloppy and downright bad, especially in terms of micro transactions in the gaming industry overall, that would be lying.

      • Khadeem

        no one is complaining about it because no one plays the damn mode because they messed it up…they took away power from the user…vc shouldnt be involved in my gm

  • Tetsuo

    After the cluster**** that was 2K14, this’ll be the first time in the history of the series I won’t be buying it day one. And if after it goes live, the fans mention anything about always online, I’m out. They can take their thinly veiled MT-scheme/DRM and shove it.

    After all shit they’ve pulled in recent years with crap online, shite updates, mis-managed patching, I refuse to let them walk with this crap.

    • Khadeem

      yep…its disappointing…i have a ps4 4 no reason because madden is mediocre and 2k is trash can juice

      • renzo

        Y keep saying shit about it u make a game nd see how hard it is. Its not real life its a game u
        U want something real go play in nba

        • Khadeem

          im only going to respond 2 u once dumbass…lol…its obviously a game…but the game can be better…if u want mediocrity buy mediocrity…damn…get over it…the quality of 2k isnt where it should be based on the assets they have available…its laughable when ppl make comments like this…just because i cant make a game with the quality of nba live 97 doesnt mean i would want to play it still….its 2014 and the game should be better than what it is

  • Good question. My gut would say no, PC isn’t going to be a priority for them, but it’s possible.