Press Row Discussion: The Failed Digital Launch of The Show on PS4

Posted May 6th, 2014 at 11:45 am


MLB 14: The Show is now finally available to download for those who ordered it digitally for the PlayStation 4 arriving nearly 15 hours late. For those looking to find the download button it may only show right now by going to the game page in the PS Store in the “New This Month” section – or do it through the PlayStation app.

Early this morning T.J. Lauerman, Rich Grisham and I got together for an impromptu discussion on the developments and what it means for The Show and perception of digitally downloading games. Download as an MP3 file or listen below through the streamed video!

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  • Kexq

    Watched when you guys were doing it live this morning and it helped to pass the time. Thanks for answering questions from the chat too.

  • Jam33

    #baseballisbetter #whenboughtfromamazon

  • Keith.

    The delay really sucked, and it’s a very unfortunate learning experience for Sony, but it’s not going to affect my future purchase plans in any way. Once you go digital, you’ll never want to go back to physical, IMO.

  • Jason Lewon

    this is why i got a physical copy i just wonder how sony botched their own launch

  • gamerk2

    This is why PC services like Steam let you per load up to a week in advance: so your servers don’t die under the load.