Sony Botches Digital Launch of MLB 14: The Show on PS4

Posted May 6th, 2014 at 7:30 am


MLB 14: The Show on PlayStation 4 is one of the most anticipated launches in the early months of the new generation but Sony has dramatically fumbled its digital launch. The game was advertised to be available for download as of 12:01 ET and yet has still not been made available. Even when it finally goes out the 47GB download will leave consumers sitting around for many more hours to download and install before they can begin playing.

There are already precious few advantages to buying digital over physical. Immediacy of access – something already damaged by not taking advantage of pre-downloading coupled with a huge file size – and eliminating the necessity to swap discs when switching between games.

Communication from Sony has been lacking and that started with last week’s release of the console update that delivered the pre-downloading ability. Representatives from both Sony and The Show inexplicably would not give a definitive answer on whether the game would utilize the new feature. When the advertised 12:01 ET time for downloading the game passed both parties were also not around to address the issue leaving those who had bought the game or desired to do so in the dark initially. No word yet on potential compensation either but that likely wouldn’t come until after the problem is fixed, if it is to come at all.

In the long run this will not harm The Show so much as it does the prospect of ordering games digitally in the future for those consumers affected. It’s an unappealing option for many already and experiences like this one push widespread adoption even farther down the line.

[Update, Noon PT] The game is now available to download. It may only be visible in the game page through the “New This Month” section of the PS Store.

  • Matt Coupe

    do you know when it’ll be be available to download if we preordered it already on our ps4s

  • BC

    I’m all for going digital, but there are too many problems thus far for me to fully make the jump.

  • latest I read was downloading will begin around 4pm-7pm est.

  • Rob

    This is why I will always buy physical.

  • jjinbey

    All digital in the US may never happen. The file sizes are getting much larger and our internet is getting much worse. Unless the games industry is willing to fight the internet providers and get the services where they would need to be for most people to download 30+ gig files it just isn’t going to work.

  • UK Tiger

    Let’s get physical, physical
    I wanna get physical…

  • Keith.

    Credit jcsauber at OS for discovering this — I just did this from my phone here at the office and am able to confirm it’s now downloading:

    “I believe I’ve found a work around. Go to the PS Store on another device and add the show to your cart. Check out and the game should be free. Then click download to PS4.”

  • CSaint

    Everyone call in and get your refund, it took me a couple tries but I finally got it. Went pick my game up at Gamestop right after.

    • Just a warning – a lot of people have been told they’ll get refunds in the past only to receive an email days later saying it has been denied.

      • CSaint

        Does buying it digitally benefit sony directly? or is it the same buying physical? Cause if buying digitally directly benefits sony I will make sure to not buy another game digitally from them, if what you said happens.

        • They make more money off digital sales. Not only because they get to skip the manufacturing process, but splitting the take with retailers, and having fewer used copies on the market.

  • MCJedi1

    That was not an issue with the ps3. That’s one of the reasons I’m glad I waited to get a ps4. It will take a while to work out the bugs. Sony will come through!