MLB 14: The Show on PS4 Suffering From Extensive Loading Times

Posted May 7th, 2014 at 4:00 pm


One of the hopes for the new hardware was that it would cut down on loading times for games like MLB: The Show. The series has struggled with them in the past – along with NCAA Football it was the worst in this regard last generation. Unfortunately the loading times have not only failed to improve but have gotten much longer. 

The boot to menu process has been extended when compared to the PlayStation 3 version (57 seconds vs 81 seconds on PS4). At least with this there is only one instance for each gaming session. Where it really starts to get damaging is loading into and out of individual games.

A simple exhibition game takes 24 seconds to get into the action on the PS3. On the PS4 it’s 77 seconds. It’s literally over three times as long! In Franchise mode that would really add up – especially if getting through games faster by utilizing a feature like Player Lock.

Where it arguably would have the most impact is in Road to the Show. Thankfully there the added time is not quite as significant. On the PS3 loading into a RTTS game takes 29 seconds and on PS4 it’s 45 seconds. That’s still excruciating considering how much in and out is done in the career mode. However had it been as long as the regular games it may have been enough to drive many people away from it completely. Hopefully those load times don’t get longer once reaching the majors but that could end up being the case.

Other areas tested include Community Challenges (30 seconds on PS3, 82 seconds on PS4) and Postseason mode games (20 seconds on PS3, 37 seconds on PS4). For the Community Challenges, which are bite sized experiences, that really hurts the appeal.

Server slowdown is also causing modes and features connected to online to drag significantly. Unlike the regular load times this is something that should clear up soon. The PS3 version is even being affected by it.

It’s unfortunate that there is now a trade-off to the visual enhancements that have separated the PS4 version from the PS3. Loading times are undoubtedly an area SCEA will have to focus on addressing with MLB 15.

  • benny

    So glad to see people writing about this. I saw it mentioned in a few reviews too. Its flat out horrible.

    • Indiansfan2014

      Yes, it extremely aggrevating to say the least.

  • WYO1016

    Unacceptable load times, SCEA. I love The Show, but I almost don’t want to bother playing because I’m sitting through load screens more than I’m playing!

  • Keith.

    Off topic, but just got an email from Sony apologizing for the delay with the digital launch yesterday, and adding $5 to my account and giving me $6 worth of Stubs. Works for me — thanks, Sony.

    • Yeah a nice gesture. Unfortunately people their customer service reps promised refunds too, are now being told otherwise. Hopefully they take care of them too.

      • Guest

        Have u noticed a stunning amount of errors in early gameplay trials. I throw with pure analog btw…

        • I’ve been using button throwing, so I haven’t. But one thing I did read is that the sticks are slightly more sensitive on PS4 controller, so there’s a setting you might need to tweak to adjust to that.

  • Anthony Suriano

    it seemed like it took much longer than it should just swapping players in and out in Diamond Dynasty. It doesn’t seem like you can set your lineups and rotation from, so you have to do it in game and the time it takes to make changes in activating players, moving them into the batting order, etc., really adds up.

  • TTC

    Sad. This is why I made the jump to PC gaming. I can’t do load times anymore. They are non-existent on a modern PC. It’s glorious to say the least.

  • Mark Jablonski

    I haven’t noticed them being that much longer than ps3 version

    • MoneyMayweather

      and there’s your problem PS4 was supposed to solve those problems from past generations it’s unacceptable this game loads like a PS one game.

      • Keith.

        MM — keep in mind, the Show on PS4 is a 47 GB game. With the exception of NBA 2k, there’s no other sports game that comes close to that size (EA’s launch offerings were all under 10 GB, if my memory serves). By year 2, I’m sure SCEA will have come up with some improvements in this area.

  • Zak


    Are loading times something that can be improved with a patch? Thanks for the input

    • In theory, its possible, but I can’t remember it ever being done before.

  • gamerk2

    Obvious outcome is obvious. RAM hasn’t sped up that much in the past decade, and with more stuff being pre-loaded in, load times were going to increase. This is not a surprise, nor should it have been.

  • Chris Lynch

    This is driving me crazy. I’ve been googling the issue, because I was worried it was my PS4.

  • B

    Really? Loading times? There’s plenty of more important gameplay issues that need tddressed . This is a game thatn’t involve a lot of loading

  • Chris

    i read this post while waiting for one of RTTS games to start. it’s ridiculous!

  • hippityhiphop21

    i actually get kicked off the game entirely when i try to play Diamond Dynasty.. this has happened for weeks now.. the update today did not fix this problem.. i think i may have a serious problem here.. i spent actual money on DD and I can’t play it.. I may sue the company for taking my money and not allowing me to use it

  • hippityhiphop21

    yea i forgot my stupid password and got locked out of the damn sony website… i have never been more pissed at a video game in my life.. if my PS4 wasn’t $400 i would smash it over my knee like my wooden baseball bat.. this is crap and i can’t believe they charge money for such a piece of fucking shit

  • hippityhiphop21

    o and i keep seeing a post for fucking load times!!! fuck your fucking load times you fucking crybaby! i spent $40 fucking dollars on Diamond Dynasty only to get locked out of that game mode.. this is fucking ridiculous..