Press Row Hangout – Initial MLB 14: The Show PlayStation 4 Impressions

Posted May 8th, 2014 at 10:30 am


The highly anticipated release of MLB 14: The Show on PS4 finally arrived earlier this week. Has the game met, exceeded, or failed to reach expectations? The panel (myself, Rich Grisham, T.J. Lauerman, and Owen Good) discuss initial reactions to the game in general, online play, loading times, and debate the merits of Quick Counts. Check out the archived, originally live, hangout below and look for a full review roundtable podcast next week!

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  • Keith.

    Love the game. Never thought I’d enjoy the dynamic hitting camera, since I typically like my sports games to mimic what I watch on TV, but it really makes the experience feel fresh. Watching a line drive go off my bat to a gap in the outfield, or a ground ball that gets through up the middle, is just awesome.

    Also love the new lighting (night-time video game baseball has never looked so good), the pitcher looking over his shoulder to look back runners, the improved graphics and ball physics, the new swing types, the new camera cuts (again, straight out of a TV broadcast), the changes made to fielding, and of course, all of the new “little things” they’ve added that always make the Show stand out.

    As just one example, I was playing a Show Live game last night between the Cards and the Braves, and after Randall Grichuk, who was just recently called up, got a hit, the camera showed Matt Adams coming out of the dugout to get the ball after it was thrown in from the outfield, and the announcers then talked about how it was Grichuk’s first big league hit, how his teammates would save the ball for him, that he’s got a great looking future in the Bigs, etc. Great stuff, and just another small detail that almost no other sports game would even think to include.

    Absolutely thrilled to have both a great baskeball game and now a great baseball game during the first year of the PS4. Hopefully hockey follows suit in September.

    • Everyone on the panel agreed that the dynamic hitting camera is pretty great.

    • Casor_Greener

      PS3 is the same game with a bigger outfield. Online Franchise is a joke. 30 minutes to sim a series and offline franchise hasn’t changed at all. This game had reached Madden Level.

      • Keith.

        Amen Ra, still haven’t bought a PS4, have you? Didn’t think so.

        • LOL

          Way to ignore his points cause you know he’s right. Franchise mode is a complete joke in this game and has been for years.

          • Thatdude1994

            he tends to ignore the problems in any other game BUT madden/EA stock.

        • Casor_Greener

          So I have to spend $300 to see an upgraded game….with better graphics but the same gameplay. Nah i’m still passing on PS4 for now….but I did cop that EA stock when you were on here everyday talking about it being at a 52 week low at around $21 and just sold 500 shares at $32. #ETrade *Johnny Manziel Money Dance*

          • Keith.

            If I was on sitting on the outside looking in, I guess I’d be bitter about how good the PS4 version of the Show is, too.

    • LOL

      If SCEA’s biggest fanboy on this site could only muster up a camera angle, lighting, and one 5 second cutscene as stuff he likes from this game, you know this port isn’t worth getting.

      • Casor_Greener

        LOL yeah man that aint much to write home about

  • D-Dawg

    Way To Go Owen Good!!!
    Finally, a voice of reason and a game reviewer that isn’t afraid to call developer out and tell it like it is (no offense to the rest of you).
    Enough tip toeing around the issues. This game is incomplete and doesn’t perform as advertised. Not only is it problematic this year but in every year previous. Consumers deserve better.
    Bottom line…..this year “Baseball Is B%LL$#IT”!!

  • Venze

    really disappointed with this game. They made it all about graphics but games like Madden FIFA and 2K14 actually improved in lots of other ways.

    • Thatdude1994

      As a hardcore football fan I disagree with you on fifa they went a step back (fifa 13 to fifa 14) there are also way too many problems in 2k14 overall this year has been bad imo for sport games.

  • Hicc917

    Its nice to hear unbiased reviews of The Show that point out its flaws. Unlike on OS or TSN where you get banned or shouted down by the fanboys for expressing any differing opinion.

  • mikemck09

    Graphics are amazing… Some lighting issues during a day game where the crowd in center field looks as if the electricity went out. Game plays exactly the same as the PS3 version which is good and bad. I feel as if they could’ve pushed a little more into this game. I was honestly very happy to hear about the crowd enhancements and all but I rarely pay attention to it unless a cut scene pops up for a few seconds. I mean, I hit a shot into the bleachers and the fans stood up after the ball hit the seats, so did they really enhance the crowd or just the way they look? Again, the game looks great, but that is where it ends. FIFA jumped into a new engine as well as a new level graphically. I don’t see why MLB The Show couldn’t do that as well. I am not saying a whole new engine, but at least smooth out the quirks and make the throws and animations a lot smoother. Why couldn’t we get some new gameplay animations? New throws from infielders, various diving stops and attempts, different outfield catch animations. I mean, they definitely could have thrown these in as other companies did. I am afraid of MLB The Show taking its foot off of the gas because they don’t see anyone in their rear view. One can’t stress this enough, “competition brings out the best in a company!” If SCEA knew that EA was dropping MVP 14 on next gen, I guarantee that we would have seen a new engine thrown into The Show on top of the graphical upgrades. When you have no fear of losing something, you start to pay less attention to its security, and its security is what defines its worth.

  • jaycruz92

    I’m froze 3 times at the start screen yesterday. Also having major issues getting downloading Vault rosters. anyone else with these issues?

  • Bidwellz9 .

    while i enjoy the game, i can see why ppeople would have a few problems, the lighting is great sure, but i think you all forget the lighting system in mvp 05 was the same…night games looked real back then so its taken a little too long to get back to that…the dynamic camera is ok, takes getting used to , but if i was someone who didnt have a ps4, having the ps3 version is almost exact…until next year

  • blk

    I wish they would have actually built this from the ground up. Sure they say they did. But sounds and looks like they copied a lot of stuff over. At least the game doesn’t crash as much as Battlefield 4. I have had my game crash 2times in the 3rd inning. Got a blue screen stating a problem has occurred.

    Off-season in Franchise and RTTS both are still boring and awful. Commentary still blah.

    If someone put this ps4 game into your ps3 only thing you would notice is wow they updated the graphics… marginally…(ya ya also the game wouldn’t play)