Circumstances Align for Sales to Rise With MLB 14: The Show

Posted May 17th, 2014 at 12:30 pm


The release of the PlayStation 4 and the death of competition was the shot in the arm MLB: The Show needed to achieve sales growth following three straight years stagnation and declines. Though Sony has not released any actual numbers they’ve cited a 40% increase over the highest selling year for the series when looking at the first week on the market.¬†

That comparison may be to MLB 10 which stands as the highest selling in the franchise, or one since where sales may have been more heavily front-loaded but had weaker legs. MLB 14 did not even finish in the top 10 of sales for April showing just how strong the PS4 version has been compared to the losses incurred on primarily the PS3 but too when combined with Vita.

It should come as no surprise that MLB 14: The Show would become the fastest selling in the series. Not only is there the extra release to add in, but it is the first time where there has been no competition with the cancellation of MLB 2K. The idea of that series being a “competitor” to The Show may elicit laughter but it did syphon away a couple hundred thousand sales each year. Most of those were from Xbox 360 consumers who had no ability to buy The Show, and going into the new generation they may have considered that in buying a PS4.

In addition there have been select few new releases to celebrate on the PS4, or Xbox One for that matter, in recent months. The Show stood out in a way that attracted some non-traditional buyers who could see the enhanced graphics as a showcase for their new hardware and were caught up in a more concentrated marketing campaign than those produced in the past.

Anyone who cared about baseball games knew last year that the PS4 would be the console to get. So now baseball fans are more heavily concentrated and this time on the higher selling system. MLB sells almost nothing outside of North America, so the PS4 being ahead in the region won last-gen by the 360 is opening up even more to the series.

MLB is by far the lowest selling of all the major sports games, and it looked for a while that there may not be great potential for it to expand, but this year at least The Show has done so and that is a good sign for the future that momentum could be building upward.

  • KMillsZ19o

    Pasta quick question about this game do they update this game like add Jerseys and things like that cause I’m bot seeing a lot of jerseys that have been worn this yr for example the Mets new alt blue jerseys any chance we will see an update?

  • brian

    I think it’s a bit, just a bit, short-sided to say that the rise in sales is circumstantial. When Madden and NCAA is talked about, it’s always how last years quality always directly affects this year. I thought MLB 13 was obviously the high water mark for the franchise. They opened up timing which made the game more user-friendly. Pitch count could factor in it. How come that doesn’t factor into the analysis? There’s other reasons than those which were circumstantial as to why sales is so high for the game. That and it’s by far the best next gen option for sport gaming.

    • Could factor in as well, but the dominant reasons for an increase would be releasing three versions instead of two, and having the competition drop out (and the shift to the PS4 over XB1) allowing them to pick up sales in the process.

      • tony

        i can’t believe you respond to some of the stupid posts people put here just seemingly being mad for no reason, i never once have seen you also get mad. you must have kids lol good day, also good work

      • Amen_Ra

        The only reason this game increased is due to PS4 and the lack of MLB. It’s not that much bdtter than past iterations

  • Details

    Good to see the game doing well. SCEA deserves to be rewarded for putting out a top notch sports game year after year while staying true to their simulation formula.

  • TheMidtownRider

    Despite the cutscenes issue, the interminable load times for a next gen system that is supposed to eliminate such crap, they should be very lucky there’s a desert out there, sports game-wise. I won’t buy The Show because of those above reasons.

  • KMillsZ19o

    Quick question Pasta do they update this game like how 2K adds Jerseys cause theres been a few Jerseys worn this year that I’m not seeing in game EX. Mets new Alt blue Jerseys any chance we will be seeing a Jersey update?

  • bltzkrieg666

    When it comes to sports games in general, I think avid gamers tend to have expectations that aren’t in line with what is achievable in a one year time frame.
    Often I think we tend to forget that these games need to pace themselves in order to be able to produce a product year after year over the life of the console. We tend to complain about how these games don’t drastically change from year to year all the while neglecting the fact that its intentional and part of a multi year plan.
    It doesn’t help that the sport itself, basically never changing, lends itself to our complaints of lack of change. There is only so much that can be done to a game where the sport doesn’t change much.
    Finally, I think we tend to inject our own wants into our critiques of the games often being a bit critical when things we want, or suggest don’t make it into the game.

    • Tazdevil20

      Actually, this isn’t really correct. Most of the features that show up in these games have been developed over the course of time. They do not simply start things from scratch and get them into the game in 9 months. An established game like the show or NBA 2k builds on the foundation from many years prior. That’s why you are able to see the massive depth and awesome features in those games. It is also the same reason why Madden is the laughing stock of all sports games and is an embarrassment to the industry. The developers are inept who work on the game, coupled with atrocious design decisions designed to simply dupe the customer into thinking things have changed. Nothing was built upon, so Madden is essentialyl 10 years behind the rest of the genre. Those of you who are avid sports fans of baseball, basketball, soccer and hockey should probably be more appreciative of what you have to play. Imagine what it is like for us die hard NFL fans. We have the worst game in the entire genre, and it’s not even close.

  • Craven Moreheard

    I’m watching Quick Pitch on MLB Network right now and Heidi Whatney is absolutely smoking hot. The dress she’s wearing is accentuating her rack, and my what a lovely rack it is. Talk about wood city!