Console Release for The Golf Club Moved to Summer Time Frame

Posted May 23rd, 2014 at 6:15 pm


Since being officially announced early this year The Golf Club has been pegged by HB Studios as a spring release. While the game went out through Steam Early Access on PC a month ago, the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions continued to be worked on and remain unfinished even now. A few weeks back the company stated a release in May on the new consoles was unlikely which meant there was only a three week window remaining where it would still fall within the original spring expectation.

Now we know the Xbox One and PS4 release of The Golf Club is being delayed until sometime in the summer. That period stretches from June 21 to September 22. It’s a good bet the game will land near the front end of it given the initial attempt to get it out sooner and the desire to avoid competition. UFC, Madden, NHL, FIFA, and NBA all arrive in the coming months – not to mention other hugely anticipated games like Destiny – and besides UFC those are concentrated in late August to early October. It’s important for The Golf Club to beat them to the market and with as much padding as possible if there is hope to get any mainstream attention.

  • Sam

    They missed their opportunity to make a splash by releasing it during or before the Masters tournament. When “golf” official season begins… Releasing a golf game in mid summer is too late..

    • Dan Vincent

      So I guess they should just scrap it then..

  • Tommy Vitt

    While this is frustrating it’s not entirely unexpected. Without a true golf experience on the Xbox One I am very much excited for this release as the developers seem to be driven by something that I have an unhealthy amount of, which is love for the game. So to quote Viktor Navorski “I’ll wait…I’ll wait”

    …in case you couldn’t tell I am thoroughly addicted to golf…fucking love it

    • Keith.

      I’m not much of a golf fan but I’m with you — take as much time as they want, I’d rather they release a great game. I don’t think anybody who’s looking for a great golf game is going to pass on buying just because Madden’s coming out in September. Hope they are successful, whenever it’s released.

      • MERACE

        HB Studios seem to care more about releasing a quality product rather than meeting a deadline unlike

        another game publisher we all know. 😉