The Line Drive for May 25

Posted May 25th, 2014 at 11:30 am


The Line Drive is a weekly collection of news, links, deal alerts, and updates that didn’t necessarily warrant their own postings.

EA Sports has started listing the top players in FIFA 14 World Cup Ultimate Team.
An update is also coming to the mobile version of FIFA 14 with World Cup content.
Operation Sports takes a look at a number of pressing issues with MLB 14: The Show.
New video from the guys who made NBA 2K issues in real life mocking 2K management.
Check out the latest fighter screenshots for EA Sports UFC in the FB album.
EA Sports UFC looks fairly awful in this poor quality off-screen gameplay clip.
The cover vote for Madden NFL 15 has now reached the final four.
The vote for who will be on the cover of NHL 15 is in the last day of the semi-finals.
New mobile game PES Manager is out for free on iOS and Android.
Powerstar Golf is now considered to be free-to-play on Xbox One.
Latest update fixes some issues and updates rosters for Out of the Park Baseball 15.
New update has added 2014 Copa Libertadores mode to PES 2014.
Though Take Two had suggested it would be out late WWE 2K15 is slated for October 28.
The landmark Ed O’Bannon trial against the NCAA is set to begin on June 9.
Real names and external storage are coming with a June update to Xbox One.

News and content that may have been missed from the last week around the site.

Drawing Winner Gets Part in Star Wars: Episode VII. Among other tiered rewards.
Second Trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy. The Marvel film is due out August 1.
Teaser Trailer for Big Hero 6. Disney’s animated Marvel comic adaptation.
Man of Steel Sequel Gets Official Title. Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.
Trailer for The Equalizer. Denzel Washington reunites with Antoine Fuqua.

  • Keith.

    Until an hour or so ago, it looked like someone from OS (MrOldboy) was going to win this week’s Challenge of the Week and win the signed Miguel Cabrera baseball with a score of 22 million (the second place score for the past couple of days was 14 million-something), but now some other guy’s come along after 92 attempts and beat MrOldBoy’s score and set a new high of 31.5 million, with only 7 or so hours to go. Also looks like the total number of people playing will go from 11,000+ last week to more than 13,000 this week.

    I never did beat my score of 384,834 from Monday, which currently has me in 1,546th place on the leaderboards, and with that score I will be lucky to make the weekly Top 10 being kept by another guy over at OS. Can’t wait to see who the match-up will be and the stadium that will be used in the new Challenge of the Week which starts tomorrow. Great stuff.

  • Find the Door

    Don’t see what looked so bad about EA UFC in that clip. It’s just two users who don’t know what they’re doing is all.