EA Sports UFC Demo Coming June 3

Posted May 29th, 2014 at 3:00 pm


When EA Sports announced a pre-release demo would be released for the upcoming UFC title the most likely date for it to settle on was Tuesday, June 3. Today the company officially confirmed that as the date for both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 which means it lands one week prior to its showing at E3, and two weeks prior to the retail release.

The only additional detail provided on the demo is that it will feature the two cover athletes – Jon Jones and Alexander Gustafsson.

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  • Details

    I’m glad we’re getting a demo 2 weeks in advance, but it would be lame if they only gave us one matchup. At least give us 2 different matchups to choose from.

    • Bidwellz9 .

      people will complain about anything i swear

  • Sean Patrick Sinagra

    I’m glad they are releasing a demo that’s awesome!

    Hopefully the demo doesn’t harm the game’s image like some of their other reveals…

    #NoFighterShare (big changing roster of 300+, takes a lot more time creating champ TJD)
    #Rosterreveal (less than 100 active in game, missing important fighters & now a champion!)
    #Aldo-Pettis (read comments where people thought it was rock em robots or “street fighter”)

    #Submissiongame (never liked their sort of a on screen prompt system, I actually liked ea mma’s sub system, just hate the on screen garbage that ea ufc is showing, however maybe the demo will make me feel differently.

    I just feel that they could present the graphic for submission in a way that wouldn’t be so invasive, like how in EA MMA you would feel for the controllers rumble feature to know you moved the stick correctly versus looking on screen.

    • Find the Door

      As a long time top ranked Undisputed player (from 09′ to 3) I’m actually really optimistic based on what’s been revealed thus far. Can’t wait to get back into the octagon with Nog!

  • beasta52

    Will dlc fighters be available in career mode?