EA Sports UFC Demo Out Already on Xbox One; Now on PlayStation 4 As Well

Posted June 2nd, 2014 at 7:45 pm


The demo for EA Sports UFC has arrived a tad early for the Xbox One. It’s available now by searching for UFC in the Xbox store and has since arrived for the PS4.

The demo comes in at 2.77 GB and features a tutorial of sorts to learn the basics and a three round fight between the two cover athletes Jon Jones and Alexander Gustafsson.

I’ll be live streaming tonight and at various points tomorrow! Make sure to check out the Pastapadre Twitch channel¬†where the streams will also be archived to watch later if you can’t make it during any of the live sessions.

[Update] Here’s the full first stream, from the very start going through the tutorial though many fights, or just check out what was probably the best fight of the bunch.

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  • Casor_Greener

    Actually looked pretty good

  • Sean Patrick Sinagra

    Finally here, kind of disappointing.

    I feel the submissions are not a total fail, side control choke from the bottom is amazing!!

    I only want the fighters animation to somehow look more like a real fight because you could have in real life submissions that happen within 5-10 seconds and that isn’t possible with this “4-Stage” System in the game with subs taking 30 seconds

    The amount of spinning back kicks and crazy strikes is unbearable

    The take-down’s are more like slams, no real shooting like GSP does

    The clinch knees did not do anywhere near the damage they should, neither did the spinning kicks and kicks in general

    especially on Easy it was dumb that I could deliver 8 knees in a row without rocking my opponent, I’m worried by a lot, especially the NBA Live Style Menu Blades

  • Keith.

    I’ve seen enough from the videos (thanks Pasta!) to know I’m not spending $60 on this button masher.

    I am, however, interested in getting some time in with War Thunder on PS4 hopefully later today. I typically don’t like free to play games but this one looks worth checking out. Not a sports game, but hopefully it’s ok to mention here.

    • Sean Patrick Sinagra

      The airplane game? It’s awesome on pc!

      • Keith.

        Yep. Supposedly they’ve also added tanks to coincide with the North American PS4 release of the game. Glad to hear the plane stuff at least is good on pc.

        • Jmend25

          One of the best F2P games I’ve ever played. It’s an amazing game with great visuals and controls.

          • Keith.

            Downloading it now. I’ve seen a lot of good impressions of the pc version, and the fact that it’s cross-play between PS4 and pc could be really cool. Just read that they have headtracking in the game on PS4, too — might end up having to get the PS4 camera if I end up liking the game.


          • Iown You

            Headtracking? This is nuts!!! I’m glad I have my PS4 camera!

            PS4 is just a beast.

    • C.J. Duncan

      it’s really not a button masher unless someone plays that way and in that case they will tire out. It’s a system based on EA MMA where stamina actually mattered. The more you play it the more comfortable you’ll feel with the controls. The transitions on the ground and in the clinch are the stiff part of the game.

      • Skihawks

        If it were a 2K game Keith would be all over it. He says button masher but what he is really saying is, “It’s EA. No thanks. Its stock may increase and we can’t have that”.

        • Keith.

          Yeah — I’m the bad guy because I’m still pissed that EA took away my (and your) choice in football video games 10 years ago, leaving the genre far behind baseball, basketball, hockey and even soccer.

          Whatever dude. If you’re not seeing plenty of other people talking about the button-mashing nature of UFC, apart from just me, then you must only be reading “bought and paid for advertising,” e.g., the hands-on report from EA Game Changer websites.

          • jr

            Only a bitch holds on to childish grudges.

  • jamm BT

    This arcade trash is what EA thinks people want? We’re never going to get a good UFC game.

  • mike knoxxx

    my shit won’t work been waiting for a call or chat back all day I just want some kind of answer is all to why not working!

  • PancakePatterson

    EA should of made another Fight Night game. That series was always one of their best to me.

    • Details

      I agree. I love Fight Night & hopefully they’re working on the next one as we speak.

  • Khaleel Ward

    How is it a button masher? If you mash buttons you get tired and knocked out. It’s actually a fun game. The submissions is pretty good, very quick once you get started. I really like it. I’ll go make a preorder 2mar.


    Hope the final version is better than the demo to me the fighters felt stiff also is it 30fps or 60? Cause i noticed a bit of a delay action.

    • 30fps. They said people wouldn’t notice the difference.

      • Sean Patrick Sinagra

        They really said that? Gotta love EA

    • Iown You

      There are definitely a lot of times where the control response is too slow, but that’s more of a programming + animation issue than it is an issue with it being 30fps. I’ve played lots of 30fps games where this issue wasn’t there.

      They definitely have some things to work out.

  • BlueGreenRed

    The demo came out like 6 hours ago on PS4. Some people are streaming it now.

  • flossbee

    Enjoying the demo. Will enjoy the full version.

  • Iown You

    The game is alright. As you play, you begin to not notice the animation frame slowness, so I guess that’s fine. However, the animations themselves are not as good as they should be.

    Ground mechanics are intuitive, until you have to get out of a submission which is just brutal.

    Way too many big strikes and they land so easily, so fights don’t last long for me.

    Graphics are great up close, but when the camera is from a distance it’s not indistinguishable from a souped up XBOX 360 game.

    Really, nothing mind-blowing here like their advertisements would lead you to believe. It’s alright.