NBA 2K15 Pre-Order Bonus Detailed

Posted June 5th, 2014 at 10:15 am


2K Sports today laid out the details on the pre-order incentive being offered with NBA 2K15. Last year had the “King James Bonus Pack” and this time around it’s the “Kevin Durant MVP Bonus Pack”. This bonus is expected to be retailer wide rather than differ based on where the game is bought and hopefully will be offered to those who digitally download as well.

To no one’s surprise┬áVirtual Currency is involved, however the presence there doesn’t necessarily mean 2K is continuing on with the harmful implementation found in Xbox One/PS4 NBA 2K14. The company will have to address what changes have been made due to consumer feedback well in advance of release. As has been the case with revenue-generating modes in other sports games 2K is now involving MyTeam in the bonus as well in an attempt to draw in more consumers who could potentially spend more money there.

  • Rob

    Do you think they will bring back two player (offline) association mode?

    • LAO

      Only if they find a way to charge people money while they play.

    • The Great Leon

      Hope so but it would have to be in season mode extended. The owner stuff and having some pre determined things I guess ruins the possibility of 2 players.

  • Tetsuo

    Yeah, I’m not budging on staying the hell away from 2K until after the always on-line issue is addressed. In all honesty though, given their track record with transparency, I actually don’t expect them to even speak on it.

    I feel like more people will wait for user reviews this time around to see how the game is before buying, just to see what 2K has or has not done.

  • displeased.

    that’s nice. too bad their servers for have been down for 5 days (and counting).
    don’t be a fool- don’t preorder

  • Khaleel Ward

    Did they really need a trailer to reveal this stuff? More VC doesn’t make me want to go pre order this game.

    • The “trailer” they put out isn’t even worth mentioning.

  • nov

    Ive bought 2K ever year but ill skip 2k15 if they keep treating us like free to play customers.

  • dremmend

    How about a bonus of working servers?

  • Khaleel Ward

    These pre order bonuses have to stop. They are offering a My Player LEG SLEEVE. A Leg Sleeve for a pre order and some My Team stuff. Are these really bonuses? Accessories should just be in the game.

    • Relly

      SMHHH lmfaooo tryna make us pay for extended leg sleeves shit that most fans been askin for since 2k10 lmfaooooooo


    will crew mode be back not that black top messy bs so 2k is it back or not?

  • Adam Lathrom

    I like how they address this a week before E3 so it will get buried real quick. That’s the only reason this announcement is out now.

    I personally don’t mind it, but sports games are going down a dark hole.

  • BasedAsian

    Were spending $60 I expect a full game. Virtual currency is ruining it for me this BS is something I expect from a Freemium app in the apple store not a full priced video game.

  • PancakePatterson

    NBA 2K is a joke. They expect me wait in line at Park (“GOT NEXT”) after I just waited in line and paid $60 for the game. Why even play MyPlayer when everyone just bought a 99 overall dude with VC. The guys at 2KSports are money hungry villains. They don’t care about the product anymore, they just care about the $$$ . MyTeam is their #1 $$$ mode and thats why its their #1 focus on the pre-order incentives. You cant even play offline franchise mode without 2K asking for $$$ anymore smh.

  • The Great Leon

    I can understand VC for some things in the game. But having to pay to change the roster or minutes is beyond stupid. They need to only have VC for important things not every little thing.

  • Relly

    5 patches on nba 2k14 and we couldnt get free agency fr my career? but they expect us to jump out and pre-order the next batch of bs lol fohhhh 2k i’ll wait and buy mine off craiglist for cheaper