Press Row Hangout Clip: E3 2014 Preview

Posted June 5th, 2014 at 2:30 pm


With E3 just days away now this clip from the latest Press Row Hangout centers discussion on expectations headed into the event. What news will be made for Madden NFL 15, NBA 2K15, FIFA 15, and others? Will there be any surprise announcements? Even the idea of a new football or baseball game are raised and whether hope of that is at all realistic.

Last year EA appeared at the Microsoft press conference due to an exclusive content deal. That deal has since expired so it is unknown whether anything EA Sports related will be presented at either the Microsoft or Sony conference. 2K Sports has a strong relationship with Sony and it’s a good bet that something NBA 2K15 will be on display there as has been the case the past several years. On Monday the Microsoft conference starts at 1230ET and Sony at 9ET.

The EA press conference as always will feature the upcoming sports titles and that one starts at 3ET. Madden NFL 15, NHL 15, and FIFA 15 are sure things. They will all be getting new extended trailers and may have additional features announced. The wild card here is PGA Tour which will no longer involve Tiger Woods in any capacity. It may seem early for anything extensive on the game that will release next March but after taking a year off the company may look to reestablish itself in the market by laying the groundwork early.

Look for multiple live Press Row Hangout broadcasts on Monday, and follow-up shows later in the week. Below is the 38 minute segment related to E3. The entire nearly two hour show can be watched here and it’ll be out in podcast form for the weekend.

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  • Danny

    Pasta, isn’t it true that you didn’t have any information that a UFC from EA would be announced at last years’s E3? So if that’s the case why is it such a stretch to say an NFL game from 2K will be announced without your knowledge? You seem so sure of yourself yet it has been proven your not privy to information to something like a UFC title never mind something as top secret as a potential 2K Football title.

    • You must not remember the circumstances of that UFC license transfer. I heard about it the UFC deal and tweeted about it the morning of the announcement actually. In that case, a deal was struck between the three parties literally the previous day. That all came together really fast…even EA said they weren’t sure the deal would be done in time to announce at E3.

      If an NFL game were in the works for some time now, and the “rumors” out there claim they’ve been doing things like scanning players for months on end, that’s completely different. Not to mention that Take Two doesn’t have their own press conference. So why would they be at a MS or Sony event to announce a multiplatform game? EA can do that type of thing because they have their own conference.

  • Keith.

    Appreciated the way Rich Grisham didn’t let the OS dude get away with saying Madden ’05 had clearly the better on-field gameplay than NFL 2K5 as though it were a fact, telling him it was just an opinion and that plenty of people would argue otherwise. That’s good hosting right there.

  • J.T. campbell

    another year of sadness

  • Well, if they were going to be exclusive to one console, with the MS/NFL relationship you’d think that would be the more likely one. But I’m not sure I see that as a plausible scenario either given how the NFL tends to do business.

  • The Great Leon

    With sports I am only really paying attention to NBA 2k15. Madden just hasn’t impressed me and I don’t know why they should since they have no competition.